Online Blackjack Explorer

There is no need to tell you that blackjack is one of the most popular casino games worldwide, but did you know, that it’s one of the best games to play online.

While land based casinos keep changing the rules and lowering players’ winning odds, online blackjack tables remain the same. Players can still enjoy Single Deck blackjack with 3/2 payout and 99.84% odds. Casual players can play at low limit tables with $1, and even $0.1 bet per hand. And we haven’t even mentioned Live Dealer tables and of course, Mobile Blackjack, where you can play your favourite game on your way to work.

Of course, there are some risks involved and that’s where we come in. The purpose of Online Blackjack Explorer is it help you get the best possible casino experience. We will point you to blackjack games with highest payouts; bring you the best blackjack bonuses and guide you to the safest online casino sites, so you could lay back and enjoy our favourite game.

Top Blackjack Sites 2024

Here you can find an updated list of best blackjack casinos.  They are highly recommended for other games as well, such as slots, craps, roulette, etc, but naturally, we place special focus on all blackjack related aspects.

Casino Bonus Why it’s here
Ignition Casino 100% up to $1000 Best USA casino visit

Ignition Casino Review

Casino Max 150% up to $1500 Highest USA Blackjack Bonus visit

Casino Max Review

Cafe Casino 500% up to $5000 Best new casino visit

Cafe Casino Review

The casinos are listed according to a simple formula and our reviewers experience. However, we argue quite a lot which casino should be listed as #1 and which as #2. That is natural since each player has its own taste and preferences. And yet, when it comes to safety and fairness – for us it’s a simple black or white.

We only list sites with clean history in terms reputation and player security. We also demand zero withdrawal complaints and at least 3 years of stable operation. If we review new brands, they will be listed in our new casinos section and only after 3 years can make way to our Top Casinos listings.

How We Rank

  • Clean History
  • 3 Years of Operation
  • Licensed Casinos Only
  • Fast & Secure Banking
  • Variety of Blackjack Games
  • Player Friendly Bonuses
  • Casino Payout Percentage

Online Blackjack – Blunt Rant

I am usually a relatively polite person, but just for this one paragraph please forgive me for ranting freely. If you do mind then just scroll below as there we explain things in more polite manner. I’ve been in online gambling industry since 2006 and running this website for years now. And yet, when I speak with our loyal visitors it seems that everybody have their mind set and simply not ready to listen and change. Or maybe I am just to polite. So let’s try differently:

Do not play Blackjack!

Now, of course I don’t mean not to play blackjack at all – I just mean DO NOT automatically play the game the casino calls  just“Blackjack”. You will find that on each site the rules of that so called “black jack” are different, but in most cases – they are not in your favor. Why? Because 95% of players will play it anyways. It’s amazing. Even if the name of the game next to it is “Blackjack with the lowest house edge you can find”, still, most players will go for the familiar name.

So please, do me a favor. Or do yourself a favor. Check the game rules and payouts before playing. It takes 5 minutes and it is worth a lot of money. And for the stubborn ones that say “It’s just 0.5% difference. Here it’s 99.2% return and there it’s 99.7%. It doesn’t really matter” – Yes, it does.

I am tired from explaining the numbers again and again but lets just say that if you are playing blackjack just once a week and with just $1 stakes – it will save you more than $1,000 this year.

Use Cashable bonuses only!

Yes, I know: “They are called bonuses so obviously they are good”. They are not! Some of them are, but just a few. And the easiest way to differentiate them is whether they are cashable or phantom. Cashable are the ones that the bonus itself is withdraw-able after the wagering is completed. Phantom (or sticky) are deducted before withdrawal.

For blackjack, these phantom bonuses are completely useless – they just get you trapped without the ability to cashout when you ahead. Do not use them, unless you are mixing play with slots and other games. Otherwise, go for cashable bonuses only.

There are of course additional factors but that’s like the first one to check.

FFS, Ignore the bonuses and spam mails

I heard so many players complaining that they sign up to some unknown casino just because of the bonus or some spam email they got. Everything was good until they won. Then they discovered that this site is good just for deposits and not for withdrawals ?.

Bonuses are the most common tool of low level casinos to lure players in. Usually they offer some insane 500% bonus or $100 no deposit to bring players in. So don’t be tempted.

Also, do not follow any casino spam email you receive (by spam i mean that you didn’t sign up for that particular newsletter). It sounds obvious but you won’t beleive how many players fall for that trap.

So please – go to known brands ONLY. If you are not sure which of them are – check on our site. If you still not sure – check on few others.

Free Blackjack Games

One of the advantages of playing blackjack online is the option to play it for free. Free games are a great tool to polish your skills, practice the correct strategy and explore other blackjack variations. They say “Practice makes perfect” and blackjack is no exception. And, it’s fun too!

Most popular blackjack games:

We aspire to bring all possible games available online. If you visit our Free Blackjack Games page, you will find everything, from the popular Vegas Strip and Spanish 21, to the unique Zappit and Surrender Blackjack.

And it doesn’t end there. Each type has many variations. For example,  there are 7 European Blackjack versions , each one with slightly different design, rules and payouts. Click on the one you wish to play and have fun.

Games with Lowest House Edge:

Real Money Blackjack

Eventually, this is what we all here for. Playing free games is fun, but it’s like watching Harlem Globetrotters: you enjoy it for sometime, but can’t wait to see the real thing, when money is on the line…

Playing real money blackjack online is a bit different from playing in a brick and mortar casino. Not good or bad, just different. There are the obvious differences, such as the social aspect of visiting a casino which cannot be duplicated online , but here are few pros and cons of online blackjack that you should notice:


  • Ability to practice for free
  • Higher game speed
  • Lower table limits
  • Higher winning odds
  • Wider variety of games


  • No card counting
  • It takes time to get your winnings.
  • You cannot flirt with other players
  • You can’t flirt with the dealer (besides live dealer tables)

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