Playtech Blackjack Surrender

Playtech Blackjack Surrender is basically the standard variant of the popular casino classic equipped with the Late Surrender option. There are two variants of this game available online (the second one was developed by Games OS). Blackjack Surrender resembles the popular Atlantic City blackjack, but with minor differences, such as the number of decks which usually stands on 4 or 6. With lower number of decks and other favorable rule, this game offers a nice combination of low house edge and slightly different blackjack experience.

Available in single hand and multi hand versions, the Playtech game features very good betting limits and offers players a decent chance of turning a profit in the final count. This particular version is played with six decks of cards, as opposed to four decks utilized by Games OS Surrender Blackjack.

The house edge is more than reasonable, 0.38%, but a bit higher than Games OS 0.35%.


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Blackjack Surrender Playtech Rules

Playtech Blackjack Surrender follows standard Las Vegas Strip rules for the most part, but there are some exceptions as well. The most important ones, beside the surrender option, are that the dealer stands on all 17’s, and both hit and double down can be used after splitting, which ensures the house edge remains quite low.

Insurance is offered if dealer’s face card is Ace and pays 2:1, with blackjack paying 3:2 and other winning hands paying even money. Surrender becomes available once the dealer has checked for blackjack and when used the option returns half of the stake to the player.

The player has the option to double down on his first two cards regardless of their combined value, which is another perk, while seven card charlie automatically wins. This is a hand of any seven cards where total is 21 or less.

Limits & User Interface

Chances are the multi-hand version is likely to prove more popular with the gamers, although both allow wagers between $1 and $300 per single hand. The game interface is pretty solid, as the gameplay runs without any problems, whereas players are given the opportunity to change table colour, play in full screen or customize their experience using a number of audio and video options.