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How we got here?

I’ve been carrying the idea to build this website since 2007, but lucking any knowledge in programming – building a successful website always seemed like Mission Impossible. In 2015 I’ve met Mark, who’s done exactly the same way with SlotMachinesOnline.co. The only difference is that his passion, as you probably guessed, is slot machines, while for me it’s all about Blackjack.

We are both advantage players – looking for all possible ways to maximize our odds and get an edge over the casino. And that’s the goal of our site – to assist blackjack fans all around the globe, online and offline, to get the best winning odds.

Why we are here?

There are three main ways to maximize your profit. First, choosing games with the best winnings odds. Second, playing it correctly in terms of strategy. Last, taking full advantage of favorable casino bonuses and perks.

It sounds obvious, but in reality less than 1% of players execute two of them, not to mention all three. In fact, 95% of players don’t even do a single one (we’ve done some research which you can find here). And the funniest thing is that it’s really not that hard. You don’t need to have a degree in Math or some extraordinary analytical skills. Just some passion to understand and basic math will do.

And that’s what brought us together – to show blackjack players, new or advanced, how to increase their odds while playing blackjack online, and to do that in a clear and simple manner.

What makes us special?

They say 1+1 should be more than 2, and that’s exactly what happened here. In order to maximize the odds you need to understand both, the game and the casino.

I’ve been playing blackjack since I remember myself. Mark, with his super high analytical skills, has been working and reviewing online casinos for over a decade. Together, we can cover all the aspects of advantage play.

Last, the idea here is not just to show you the best games or the best blackjack bonuses (although we do that as well), but to show you how to analyze things yourself. So next time when you visit your local casino or some online blackjack site, you could see things for yourself and hopefully end up with more $ in your pocket.


Jason Rag

Jason T. Rag

For all blackjack related questions – specific games, odds, rules, strategy, blackjack news, etc..

[email protected]

Mark Cesley

Mark C.

For all casino related questions – casino rules and terms, safety, fairness, trust, bonuses and complaints.

[email protected]

Most Important Features on OBE – Where to look for Value

Since you are here, we would like to point you to what we consider to be the most valuable features on OnlineBlackjackExplorer.

  1. Like a certain blackjack game – find out which online version offers the best odds. On each game page, Spanish 21 or Perfect Pairs for example, you can find comparison of all versions of the game including the house edge of each one.
  2. Not sure which game to play in your favorite casino? – On each of our casino reviews, you can find the list of the games it offers and their rating based on winning odds.
  3. Need some practice? – Enjoy a variety of free blackjack games to play without registration.
  4. Tired of playing the same game again and again – check our blackjack news section and you will find all new released games in the blackjack universe.
  5. Last, if you are new to blackjack and looking for some tips and guides, check our Blackjack How To for comprehensive guides on various topics.