Best Payout Online Casino Sites

Payouts is one of the most important parameters in choosing an online casino. Eventually, you are playing with real cash and you want to get the best winnings odds possible.

Unfortunately, the numbers posted on most casino sites are completely irrelevant to blackjack players. Even when these numbers are true, which is not always the case, they are relevant only to slots players, but can be quite misleading if you wish to find the best payout online casino for blackjack.

We will go more into details below, but just to explain our rating in few words. There are two parameters that effect your blackjack winnings odds in a certain online casino. First and most important, the odds of various blackjack games the casino offers. Second, how beneficial the blackjack bonuses the casino offers. That’s it. We’ve created a simple algorithm based on those two numbers and tested all the casinos. Below you can see the results.

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How Casino Payouts Are Commonly Calculated?

There are plenty sites that post casino payout percentage. In most cases, these are just made up numbers that are used to increase your confidence. So casino #1 will have the highest payouts, #2 slightly lower and so forth. This is obviously complete nonsense.

However, there are many casinos that post official payout information, either based on long term setting or per month. Unfortunately, both types fail to show correct blackjack payouts.

Why is that? Simple. Let’s take 2 casinos as our example:

Casino #1 has 400 slots with 95% payout and 20 blackjack games with 99.5% payout. The official data that will be posted is: (400×0.95 + 20×0.995)/420 x 100 = 95.2%

Casino #2 has 400 slots with 97% payout and 20 blackjack tables with 97% payout. The offical payout here will appear to be 97%.

Based on these results Casino #2 will be posted on top as the best payout casino. And that is correct, but just for slots. If you wish to play Blackjack, then obviously casino #1 with 99.5% is much much better than #2 with the miserable 97%.

One Month Bias

Another option that is usually used is to post payout data for specific period of time, usually certain month. The problem here is that specific month payouts can vary a lot. For example, if in February a massive progressive jackpot was won, the payout percentage can be even higher than 100% (and usually it will be published aggressively through various PR and news posts), but as we all understand, it’s not something that will happen in March, April and so on – otherwise this casino wouldn’t exist.

How We Rate Best Payout Online Casinos

As we’ve mentioned before, the only parameter that effects your winnings odds besides the payout of the games the casino offers, is the bonus.

Some bonuses are quite beneficial: they have low wagering requirements; they are cashable and so on. In some cases they can even tip the odds in our favor. In other cases, the bonuses can actually lower your chances of winning. They have draconic terms, high playtrhough and so on .

Naturally, not all players use bonuses and even if they do, it’s only on some part of their deposits. Therefore, the payouts of the blackjack games is by far more important than the bonus odds.

How we solved it: we built a simple algorithm which is based on the table odds combined with the bonus odds. It’s actually not that simple since we also took under consideration the payouts of each particular blackjack game in the casino (see below*).

Does it Mean that You Can Make Money Playing Blackjack

NO! You cannot. 

However, by choosing games with highest payouts in combination with best casino blackjack bonuses will lower the house edge and will increase your wining odds. In fact, with some bonuses you can reach even positive EV.

Bottom Line

We’ve probably got you bored already. The bottom line is that the payouts you see here are not based on some info the casino offered. These are exact numbers based mainly on the rules of their blackjack games and the bonuses they offer.

* There is a difference even between casinos that offer similar average payout on their blackjack games. You will prefer a casino that has few tables with 99.84% odds plus some with low payout, than a casino that has a similar payout on all the games. In the first one you will just stick to the highest paying blackjack games and get your 99.84%, while in the other you are bound to the average.

That’s enough math for one time. Hope it was helpful. Have Fun!


What is Payout Percentage?

Payout percentage defines how much you will get back for every bet you make. For example if the RTP (return to player) is 98% it means that if you make bets worth $100, on average you will end up with $98. Of course it doesn’t work on every bet and not even every 1000 bets, as otherwise we wouldn’t go to casinos at all, but in the long term, the numbers level out.

For example, if you choose to play Single Deck blackjack with 99.92% return vs Zappit with 98.85%, on average for each $1,000 you will make $10.7 more. That may not sound much but it can become quite significant amount over time. Add on that favorable bonus and the difference gets even higher.

Online Casino Payouts compared to Land Based Casino

Online Casinos offer by far higher returns than brick and mortar establishments. Their expanses are much lower so they can afford to do that. Of course they don’t do it due to philanthropic agenda, but the competition in online gambling is fierce and they must offer higher odds to stay relevant.

On average, online casinos payout stand above 95%, while in land based casinos it is somewhere around 80%. That’s a tremendous difference and one the main advantage of playing real money casino games online.

Which bonuses are good to take?

Here we can go for hours explaining about different bonuses, but to keep it simple and useful:

  1. Use Cashable bonuses only. Non cashable bonuses are those where the bonus amount is given just for wagering purposes and it is deducted before the withdrawal.
  2. Lower wagering requirement as possible.
  3. And of course make sure to check that you can wager on blackjack.

Can I trust Casino Payout Percentage?

Yes, however when it comes to blackjack you really don’t have to. You can just check the rules of the specific game and the use some online calculator to find out the exact RTP.

In general, casino games are tested and audited by independent companies so unless you somehow manage to find some god forgotten casino with in-house software, you are safe. But again, with blackjack it’s easy – just check and find out.

Best Payout Casino Online USA

We would like to give a special place to best payout usa casinos as those are more difficult to find. Here is the list of TOP 4.

Ignition Casino Review

Best USA online casino

Average Blackjack Payout: 99.5%

24 Hours Withdrawals

100% up to $1,000 Bonus



Average Blackjack Payout: 99.4%

Sister to Ignition Casino

Great for Mobile

100% up to $3,000 Bonus


Cafe Casino Review

Average Blackjack Payout: 99.2%

20 Blackjack Games

USA Players

500% Bonus up to $5,000


Casino Max Review

Average Blackjack Payout: 99.1%

15 Blackjack Games

Accepts All USA Players

60% Bonus up to $600