Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect Pairs blackjack is seen by many as the more exciting variant of Blackjack, even if it is basically a standard casino classic that also offers players a chance to place perfect pairs side bet. This means that the main gameplay is no different than in any other standard Blackjack game, whereas the perfect pairs side bet when placed applies to the player’s first two cards.

Due to perfect pairs payouts going up to 30:1, a far cry from your regular 3:2 blackjack payout, Perfect Pairs game tend to appeal to high stakes blackjack players and those chasing big wins, although it is important to note that the aforementioned side bet features a very high house edge of 4-6%, meaning you would probably be better playing any other blackjack game if you can live without the extra excitement provided by the potential big wins. If you can not, the make sure to check out some of the best Perfect Pair titles below.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Rules

What you need to know if you are thinking about giving Perfect Pairs a try is that perfect pairs side bet can only be placed alongside a standard blackjack wager, with bet limits the same for both parts of your bet. Nevertheless, the two wagers do not have to be the same.

In most games you are not forced to place the side bet each time, but can choose when to do so and when to play regular blackjack. In most cases, the main rules are based on popular blackjack variations such as European Blackjack or Vegas Strip, however the common ones are:

  • 2-8 Decks
  • Dealer draws to 16, stands on 17
  • Player can re-split up to two times
  • Double down available on any first two cards
  • Dealer checks for blackjack before paying out side bets
  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2

Free Perfect Pairs Online

USA (RTG) Odds: 99.46% on the basic game. Side bets: 93.9%.
Games OS: 99.3% on basic game, 96.63% on side bets.
Cryptologic: 99.63 on main game and 94.3 on side bets.
Amaya: 99.57% basic and 93.9% on side bets.

Where to Play Real Money Perfect Pairs

Casino Bonus Why it’s here Best Game  
Ignition Casino 100% up to $1000 Best for USA and AUS casino Single Deck – 0.08% house edge play

Ignition Casino Review

Bet365 Casino 100% up to £/$/€ 100 Best for UK, Canada and EU Classic Blackjack – 0.21% house edge play

Bet365 Casino Review

Casino Max 150% up to $1500 Highest USA Blackjack Bonus N/A play

Perfect Pairs Odds & Payouts

If you place the side bet and your first two cards form a pair, you will qualify for one of the three possible payouts: perfect pair (same suit), coloured pair and mixed pair.  The payouts vary between different blackjack sites and casinos. Here are the common ones and their winning odds (according to 6 decks table):

Perfect pair – 30 to 1

Coloured pair – 10 to 1

Mixed pair – 5 to 1

Return: 94.3%

Perfect pair – 25 to 1

Coloured pair – 12 to 1

Mixed pair – 6 to 1

Return: 93.9%

Perfect pair – 25 to 1

Coloured pair – 12 to 1

Mixed pair – 5 to 1

Return: 90.1%

  • Please be aware, that the odds decrease with the number of decks (opposite to the main game). For example if you play the first option with 2 decks, the odds decrease from 94.3% to miserable 75%.

Perfect Pairs Tips and Strategies

As odd as it may sound, the first advice we can give you with regards to Perfect Pairs blackjack games is never to place the side bet if you want to have any chance of turning a profit in the long run. When compared to the standard Blackjack wager, the house edge is significantly higher when side bet is in play, so if you are after best value for money, you should definitely look elsewhere.

But, in case you cannot resist the temptation of placing your wagers on markets with potentially high outcomes, then you can improve your chances by staking say $5 per hand on regular wager and another $1 on perfect pairs side bet.

Considering that the side bet is always settled first, you need to ensure that its outcome does not affect your standard wager, since you might be tempted to take more risks if you have already lost your side bet and vice versa.

With perfect pairs payouts ranging from one casino to the next, you also need to ensure you only play games where perfect pair pays 30 to 1, as the house edge is already high enough even without the lowered payouts.