Most Common Blackjack Mistake Players Make

The title of this articles should be “Most common blackjack mistake players make and the easiest to fix”, but it seemed too long… Naturally, there are many “popular” mistakes – you can check our blackjack myths and see if you are guilty in making some of them. However, not many of them are easy to solve as this one.

First, let’s be honest. Most of us aren’t Ken Uston or Edward Thorp. Playing blackjack is not our profession. For most,  it’s a hobby, passion or just a game they like to play on their yearly vacation. Most won’t remember the perfect strategy if you wake them up in the middle of the night and don’t master some advanced card counting system.

That’s completely ok. Every weekend I play basketball with my friends, and yet, you won’t find me practicing my free throws during the week.

So What Is It?

So as you might have guessed, we are not going to convince you to do some daily practice routine or something like that. Our advice is very simple. Here you go: play the game that offers you the best winnings odds. That’s it.

I know some of you are now saying: “That’s it? That’s why I wasted 30 seconds reading this?” Give us 1 more minute of your time. There is a reason why we decided to write this article.

Recently, we’ve contacted a dozen online casinos and requested the details of their most played blackjack games. The results were astonishing!!!

Here is one example:

In Bovada and Ignition casinos, the busiest table is the standard blackjack. House edge: 0.54%. At the same time, both casinos offer the best blackjack game that can be found anywhere, online and offline. Single deck game with favourable rules and just 0.08% house edge. Don’t like it. You have Double deck with 0.24% house edge. And yet, 95%!!! of players go with the standard 6 deck game, instead of switching to one of those two and increasing their odds by 0.3 to 0.5 percent.

We got the same results in all casinos we’ve checked. Players naturally go to the game that is called blackjack or classic blackjack (or various side bets), without taking a minute to check if they can play exactly the same game just with more favourable rules.

We are not talking about some “exotic” variations like Blackjack Switch or Double Exposure, that demand different strategy and gameplay. Exactly the same game just with lower number of decks or dealer standing on soft 17 instead of hitting. That’s crazy.

So Now I need to Count the Odds Again?

No, no. We promised – no counting will be involved. One of the advantages of playing blackjack online, is that there are simple ways to find out the game payouts.


Many software providers simply post the RTP or House edge. All you need to do is click on the Help button and look it up.

How to check blackjack game odds


Now days, everything can be found online. You don’t have to calculate anything. Someone already done it for you and wrote about it. Just google the name of the game + RTP or house edge and view the results. Probably, you won’t even need to click to any of the sites – you will just find it in the description part.

Blackjack RTP Check

Just Read Our Reviews

In our reviews we cover the RTP of all games. Just visit our online blackjack games listings, click on the game you wish to play and that’s it. You can also find the top games of each site in our casino reviews.

Does it Really Worth It?

Many make the mistake of thinking that few tens of % doesn’t make a difference. They couldn’t be more wrong. That’s not % of the money you deposit, but of every dollar you bet. Lifetime. And that adds up to a lot of money, especially online where the game speed is much higher.

Let’s say you just a casual player. You play once/twice a week for 3 hours. Not high limit, just $5 bets. 100 hands per hour (below the average in online blackjack).

$5×100 hands x4.5 hours per week = $6,750 bets per week. 0.5% of that is $33 that you will save. Each week. That’s over $1,500 a year.

If you play a bit more, or multi-hand or higher bets, this number can grow to high 5 digits and more. That’s a lot of money. Doesn’t it worth just 10 seconds of your time to check which game offers the best odds?