iPhone/iPad Blackjack

Apple has a large and very loyal following, and there are a lot of people who use Apple mobile devices, iPhones and iPads.  There’s also a lot of people who love blackjack, so it’s not surprising that there are literally hundreds of different blackjack apps available. The problem is that most of them allow you to play blackjack just for fun, while the only real way to have fun is to play blackjack for real money. It’s just not one of those games which can be played for free, unless you wish to polish your skills or try some new variant.

Luckily, as Apple has continued to develop its mobile products, online casinos have developed their mobile access, and the iPhone and iPad have played a central role in mobile gaming and mobile blackjack ever since it came on the scene a few years ago.

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Among those who have and use Apple mobile devices, iPhones and iPads, they play a very prominent role in their life, much more than just having access to a mobile phone when mobile phones first came out. These are much more than phones, they are computers, one that fits right into your pocket as an iPhone does or one that works like a notebook like the iPad.  iPhone and iPad users spend a great deal of time on their devices already, using them for all sorts of things these days, including having full time access to the internet from wherever they happen to be.

So the mobile phone originally brought us telephony on the go, and the newer devices out there now bring not only that, but computing on the go as well.  Some mobile Apple users don’t even own a computer anymore, these mobile computers have taken their place.

To many users, Apple isn’t just another brand, it’s a separate culture, with a company that always has been dedicated to user friendliness and a quality experience overall.  While competitors, mainly Samsung with Android,  offer good choices and in some cases even better features these days, Apple remains a strong player in the field, still among the top manufacturers, and do offer users a fairly unique experience, one that many find appealing and have a strong preference for.

Blackjack Comes To the iPhone and iPad

When mobile devices first became able to connect to the internet, while they could do so, it was a less than optimal experience.  The internet was originally designed for home computers, with their much larger screens, and the phones back then in particular had very small screens, not suited for web pages at all really.

You could navigate them, but not very easily, and this was before the touch screen capabilities we now have.  Then the iPhone came on the scene, and changed everything.  It had a touch screen, which was a real game changer.  Dedicated software applications, or apps, were written for it, and it had the capability of using these apps, which was another first.  So the so called smartphone was born.

Nowadays, most mobile devices have all these capabilities, one of them is the ability to play real money blackjack on Iphone or Ipad devices.  To blackjack players, this was a major feature indeed.

Playing blackjack on a home computer is nice, but players felt it would be even nicer to play it on their mobile devices, for real money, which required both an app and internet connectivity.  IPhones and iPads had both, and the first online casino and online blackjack apps were written.

The great thing about an app is that it is written for your iPhone or iPad specifically, not for someone’s home computer and monitor.  So it not only allows you to play blackjack on your Apple mobile device, it is perfectly designed for it.

So players would download the app through various means, Apple store, email link or a QC code for instance, although nowadays, the easiest way is just to browse to the blackjack site of your choice and download its app.  You can just play on your device, or you can use your account to play both on your home computer and on your mobile, from the same account.  So everyone is taken care of here completely now.

The Differences Between Online Blackjack and iOS Blackjack

The biggest difference between playing at home on your computer or on your iPhone or iPad is the screen size.  The screen on your mobile device is naturally smaller, but with a game like blackjack, this doesn’t matter, as even the iPhone’s screen is big enough.

Both types of devices connect to online casino sites through the internet.  At home, you can either download software or play in your browser, and on your mobile devices you can now do both as well at many sites.  Many now use the latest mobile browser technology where the web page automatically detects the type of phone you have and delivers optimized content, right in your browser.  So apps are still available, but they are often no longer needed to get the full experience of online blackjack.

Home computers connect to the internet either through a wired connection or by Wi-Fi.  Apple mobile devices aren’t tied down to wired connections, but they do use Wi-Fi, and if you have a Wi-Fi enabled internet modem at home you can play blackjack on your iPhone or iPad at home as well, without having to use up any data in your data plan.

Home computers aren’t portable though, or in the case of laptops, not as portable, but mobile devices certainly are, taking them easily wherever you go, and in the case of the iPhone, right in your pocket.  It’s in your pocket anyway, so you just take it out and start playing blackjack.  It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Both home computers and mobile users enjoy secured internet connections, as is the case with hooking up to the internet through data from your provider, the only concern with mobile users is accessing the internet through public Wi-Fi, which isn’t secured, and therefore caution may be advisable.

The legality of playing online blackjack is exactly the same for both, as both forms access blackjack online.  Some home players in some countries have been using virtual private networks (VPNs) to get around their government’s blocking of certain gambling sites, and you can set up your iPhone or iPad on a VPN as well, however we find it highly not recommended, since there are plenty reputable sites for you to choose from, wherever you live.

IPhone and iPad users, and mobile users in general, don’t have access to similar number of different casino games as home computer users do, but this is improving all the time.  This generally means less slot games, although sites do still offer a very good selection, and they pretty much all offer mobile blackjack on Apple devices these days.

Playing blackjack online is a blast, but playing real money blackjack on your high resolution Apple device and user friendly touch screen may be the ultimate.