High Streak Blackjack

Every blackjack fan knows how it feels winning several hands in a row, watching chips coming your way and hoping your winning streak will last. For those who are lucky enough and skillful enough to make series of wins, High Streak Blackjack is an excellent choice. High Streak Blackjack is a typical European version of the game with one special side bet called High Streak Bet. This side bet grows progressively with every new win a player makes with payouts that go up to 10x times the side bet.

Although the game is very hard to find at brick and mortar casinos, online players are treated to this unusual side bet in Microgaming’s Blackjack High Streak. It comes with nice graphics and background sound effects that resemble those you can hear at the real casino floors, allowing you to slide into the game easily.

Here you can try High Streak Blackjack for free. If you like it, you can play it for real money in one of the Microgaming casinos, such as Jackpot City or Guts.

Free High Streak Blackjack

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How It Works

Just like any other side bet, you are allowed to place your High Streak bet after the main bet. In every blackjack game you are betting that you are going to beat the dealer. In this side bet you are betting that you are going to beat the dealer, but more than just once in a row.

If you happened to play this game in land based casinos, you will notice that the online version is a bit different. In land based version you had to bet on the exact number of wins in a row and you would get paid only for the number you bet on. Online, the Streak bet covers automatically all options, so you can win all of them one after another.

There is a special High Streak betting area consisting of 5 betting circles: High Streak Bet, Streak 2, Streak 3, Streak 4 and Streak 5. With each winning hand, the side bet automatically moves to the next streak.

The player is rewarded for each streak, starting with Streak 2. However, since the side bet moves (stays at the table) all your payouts until the last Streak (Streak 5) will be less the side bet amount. If you win the 5th Streak your side bet will be returned to you. You are free to place High Streak bet on every hand even if your previous side bets are still active. But every time you lose the game all side bets will be removed from the betting area. In case yours and the dealer’s hand push, the side bet is considered a push too and all your side bets will remain at the same positions on the table.

High Streak Blackjack Rules

General Rules

  • General rules are similar to the majority of European blackjack games and include one card dealt to the dealer.
  • Double downs on first two cards with value of 9, 10 and 11 only.
  • Split is allowed on any two cards with the same denomination, but you cannot re-split.
  • Two decks of cards are used, re-shuffled after each hand.
  • Dealer stands on Soft 17.
  • Insurance is available and it pays regularly – 2:1, while blackjack pays 3:2.

Side Bet Rules

Prior to your side bet you are obligated to place the main bet. However, the High Streak bet is optional. The side bet chips move across the High Streak betting area one step for every new winning hand and the payouts grow progressively. If the player loses, the side bet resets and all chips inside the side bet area will be removed. On the other hand, if the player manages to reach Streak 5, his side bet will be returned and he will be paid 10 times the bet.

  • 2nd  Streak pays even money
  • 3rd pays 2:1
  • 4th Streak Win pays 5:1
  • 5th is worth 10:1

In case the player splits his first two cards, the total outcome of the game determines if the side bet is won or not. Therefore, if the total amount won is more than the total bet, the side bet moves to the next streak.

High Streak Blackjack Online (Microgaming)

Blackjack High Streak Gold released by Microgaming is, at the moment, the only variance of this game available at online blackjack sites. Well, there are two to be exact: Gold, which is the one we review here, and High Streak Premier that you can also play for free on our site. However both games have exactly the same rules, odds and payouts just with different design and layout.

Gold delivers strong graphics, fast-paced gameplay and top-class sound creating a realistic atmosphere that enhances the gaming experience.

The game features table change option, but it basically allows you to change the colour of the table while the layout and bet limits remain the same. Only one hand can be played at a time which is expected, since you will have to be Einstein to follow all side bets moving across the table and make rational decisions. Table limits allow you to stake between $1 and $250 on the main bet and between $1 and $25 on the side bet.

The expected main bet return under these rules is 99.59%.

High Streak Blackjack Tips and Strategies

The High Streak Blackjack will put your skills to the test and increase the pressure which is exactly why you need to determine your strategy and stick with it. One of the only objections given to blackjack is that the main payouts are low comparing to the majority of other casino games.

However, even though 10:1 prizes seem tempting, the player must keep his head clear. Trying to compensate previous losses by increasing side bets is probably not a good idea.

Also, although you are allowed to place your High Streak bet on each hand even if your previous bets are still active, it’s enough to lose one game and all your side bets will be swept from the table. Consequently, using this side bet on a regular basis is not recommended.