Multiplayer Blackjack

I doubt there is any need to explain what Multiplayer Blackjack is, but it’s worth noting that there are various way to play and many Multiplayer Blackjack game types to choose from. So step by step…

First, you can play for real money or just as a social game vs your friends. Our site is focused on real money blackjack and that’s what will cover in this article. However, you can find at the bottom a list of best blackjack apps to play just for fun.

When it comes to real money casinos, there are three ways to play a multiplayer game:

  1. Live Dealer – that’s basically a brick and mortar casino brought online, where you play at regular live-streamed casino table.
  2. Multiplayer Video Blackjack – recent addition launched only in 2018. You can enjoy the advantages of video blackjack and yet to share the experience with your friends and other players.
  3. Blackjack Tournaments – this is not exactly a multiplayer game per se. You play alone, but you compete vs. other players. The objective is to get the highest number of points. The prize pool is split between those who finish on top spots.

Live dealer is the most popular option of the three. In fact it was the only option till few years ago, but things develop and move forward and now you can play tournaments and machine blackjack with your friends as well.

Blackjack tournaments is a different type of game and we will dedicate to it a page of its own later on. Here we will focus on Live dealer and video blackjack.

Free Multiplayer Blackjack

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How to play Multiplayer blackjack?

Despite the common blackjack myth, there is no difference between playing alone to playing with other players at the table. Whatever over players do, if they split tens or play perfect strategy – it has ZERO effect on your winnings.

What is important to know is that there are dozens of multiplayer online blackjack tables – some follow standard Vegas Strip rules, some follow Atlantic City, or Spanish 21 and so on. So you need to check the rules carefully and pick the game you enjoy the most or know better. And of course to check that the house edge is as small as possible.

On our site you can find guides for pretty much every blackjack variation so make sure to check before you play.

Machine Blackjack vs Live Dealer

Multiplier Machine Blackjack is a really new thing, came to life just in 2018. And it’s pretty amazing thing. Sonya blackjack by Yggdrasil was the first one but we expect more to follow soon.

There are few advantages to this type of play:

  • You can play with lower stakes.
  • You can schedule a table!!!

The gameplay with machine blackjack is faster so you can play more rounds