Best Blackjack Games

We covered this topic extensively in our recent article about the most common blackjack mistake. We won’t repeat everything here, but just say: There is simply no reason on earth, with few exceptions, not to choose the blackjack table with the lowest house edge and best odds. Unless your are a professional card counter, blackjack, or any casino game for that matter, is a type of entertainment, and it just doesn’t make any sense to pay extra in order to have some fun.

Let’s say you wish to go to Pearl Jam or Jay-Z concert and you are offered the exact same ticket, one for $100 and on for $150. Would you pay $150? Of course not. Why should you? However, if you choose to play blackjack with higher house edge, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Paying a higher price for the same thing.

Now, there are 2 exceptions… (see below the table)

Best Blackjack Games Online 2016

Game USA Software Decks Blackjack Pays Soft 17 Double Double after Split Splits Resplitting Aces Surrender Special RTP Limits Where to Play
Single Deck Blackjack Yes Properietry 1 3:2 Hits Any Yes 1 No No European Rules 99.92% $25 – $300 Ignition Casino
Blackjack Switch No Playtech 1:1 Hits Any Yes 1 No No Two hands.
Option to Switch top cards
99.87% €/$2 – €/$200
Vegas Single Deck Yes WGS 1 3:2 Hits 9-11 Yes 1 No No 99.80% $2 – $100 Miami Club Casino
Classic Blackjack No Microgaming 1 3:2 Stands 9-11 No 1 No No 99.79% €/$1 – €/$1000 Jackpot City
Single Deck Amaya 1 3:2 Stands 9-11 No 1 No No European Rules 99.76% €/$1 – €/$500 Guts Casino
Double Deck Yes Properietry 2 3:2 Stands Any Yes 1 No No 99.76% $10 – $250 Ignition Casino

First, side bets. Side bets are not part of the main game and not bound to blackjack strategy rules. If you wish to add another layer of thrill and excitement, blackjack side bets are the perfect solution. Usually they carry higher house edge, but that’s totally acceptable since you are here to have fun.

Second, unique blackjack games with different set of rules. Switch and Zappit blackjacks are a good example. The rules here are so different that unless you are familiar with the correct strategy, you are going to loose more due to your mistakes than gain thanks to the favorable odds it offers.

Other than that, when it comes to a common game of blackjack, you should pick the one with the best odds.


One thing to notice is that when it comes to online casinos, they tend to give various names even to the most basic game: Gold, Premier, Classic and so on. Don’t let the name misguide you. Compare the games the casino has to offer (or user our online blackjack casino reviews for that matter) and find the best blackjack games the site has to offer.

Hint: usually it’s not going to be just the one called Blackjack. Casinos know that most players tend to go automatically to this game. Therefore, the house edge here is usually higher.