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Single Deck is one of the best payout blackjack games. Of course as long as it follows classic blackjack rules, which is not the case in most land based casinos. Here we will review BetSoft Single Deck Blackjack: which rules the game follows; what is the house edge? And of course where can you play this blackjack game for real money.

As you might have noticed, there is more than one Single Deck blackjacks available online, each one has slightly different rules. We will compare all possible variations in our review, so you could choose the one that suits your taste.

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Rules: BetSoft vs. Other Variations

Similar Rules

  • Blackjack pays 3/2.
  • You may split only once.
  • Double after split is allowed.
  • 1 card on split Aces.
  • Dealer hits 17s.


There are few rules which distinguishe BetSoft Single Deck Blackjack from the one you can find in Bovada or Amaya casinos. With BetSoft, you can double only on 10 and 11, which is a bit more strict than in other games. Amaya allows to double on 9, 10 and 11, while at Bovada you can double on any two cards. These differences increase the house edge by 0.28% and brings your odds to 99.55%.

It’s still quite ok, but cannot compete with 98.86% other Single Deck games offer. Btw, the best variation is also available to USA online blackjack players, which is great.

Features & Betting Limits

BetSoft, similar to Amaya, allows you to play multiple hands, up to 3 to be exact, which is nice.

You can bet from $1 to $100. The minimum bet will suite all casual players, while the maximum bet is a bit low, for sure to Blackjack High rollers.

In terms of design and effects, BetSoft Blackjack is way ahead of other variation. The effects are much more real. You get the feeling of actual cards being dealt. The table and the cards are just the right size, which makes it also perfect for Mobile Blackjack play.