Blackjack 3D

3D Blackjack is a virtual casino game brought to you by 1×2 Network. The company formerly known as 1×2 Gaming and dedicated to the production of a wide range of virtual casino games offers a Blackjack game that boasts realistic visuals and high RTP of 99.54%.

Besides the above average visuals, the gameplay is pretty straightforward and follows the classic American blackjack rules and payouts.

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3D Blackjack Rules

The game uses 6 decks of 52 cards that are reshuffled before each round. The cards between 2 and 10 count as their face value while Js, Qs and Ks and tens of all suits equal to 10. Aces count 1 or 11 and card suits don’t affect the outcome of rounds.

A natural Blackjack consisting of any face card or 10 of any suit and an Ace pays 3:2. A win pays 1:1 and a tie is push. Insurance is worth the usual 1/2.

  1. Dealer stands 17s
  2. One split per hand. Blackjack after split pays 1:1
  3. Double on any
  4. Double after split (except split aces)
  5. Just one card after double

Interface & Limits

The game comes with a user-friendly interface and a maximum possible bet of $500. With a betting range between $0.50 and $500, 1X2 Gaming Blackjack 3D is suitable for both low limit and high limit blackjack players.

By clicking the menu in the upper right corner, you can adjust sounds and buttons, check out the bet history and paytable and learn the basic game rules.