Deal or No Deal Blackjack

How it Came About

Playing card games has always been one of the most popular forms of having fun, and blackjack is one of the of the most loved games in history of entertainment. When people talk about the most famous TV shows there has to be a mention of Deal or No Deal – actually, the show usually occupies one of the top positions on the list. Combine the two and you’ll get Deal or No Deal Blackjack, an alternative to regular game of blackjack inspired by the famous television game show.

Deal or no Deal TV show in the Netherlands and spurred similar game shows in the UK and the US.  When it comes to gambling, Endemol owns the trademark rights and developed a line of Deal or No Deal casino games.

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The consists of a game in which the contestant is presented with 26 cases with undisclosed content. He or she claims one and then continues to choose among the rest of them to remove one by one. Throughout the game, the player gets offered with a certain sum of money to quit and the host asks the ‘Deal or no Deal?’ question.

The outcomes can be various: the player can keep the money in the original case, or settle for one of the deals, always risking to be left with a smaller sum. Endemol Games and Open Bet have adapted the memorable game show into a casino game suite, creating a gambling franchise that initially had Deal or no Deal Roulette on offer and now includes Deal or no Deal Blackjack as well.

How to Play

Deal or no Deal Blackjack has an informative interface and a colorful layout, easy to navigate even for blackjack novices. The rules are taken from a classic Vegas Strip 21 and there are no side bets.

  • The game is played with 8 decks of cards.
  • Dealer draws at 16 and stands at 17.
  • Split once. Split Aces get one card.
  • Double on any. Double after split.
  • House edge: 0.48%

As you can see, Deal or no Deal Blackjack benefits from the simplicity of the original game of 21. But when does the Deal or No Deal part come into the mix?

More on Deal or No Deal Blackjack

Just like in the game show, the Deal or No Deal element combines sheer luck with testing the player’s will and nerve. It is active by default, with a possibility to turn it off manually.

After each card you can take the deal without completing the hand. The banker (dealer) will make a cash offer. It will be a certain payout, based on the total of the player’s points. So, basically, you can always win by taking the money. Naturally, you will be offered higher deal for strong hands and lower deal for weak ones.

Anyway, this is a really fun twist to the original game and definitely worth a shot.