Multi Hand Two Deck

Multi Hand Double / Two Deck Blackjack offered by Cryptologic is another impressive variant of the classic casino game where just two decks of cards instead of the standard six/eight make the difference. Whats great about playing Double Deck online, is that there are no unconventional rules that would increase the house edge, something that often happens in land based casinos.

There are two Double Deck Blackjack games offered online, one by Bovada and one by Cryptologic. Both use a similar set of rules, the main advantage of the version we review here is that you can play up to five hands per round, which is why it’s very popular with high rollers and more experienced gamers, that are able to take advantage of it.

The overall gaming experience is also top notch, the only drawback is that Cryptologic do not accept bets from USA players and do not allow free play, so if you are from the States or just looking to polish your skills, please check our Bovada Free Double Deck blackjack.

Multi Hand Two Deck

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Two Deck Blackjack Rules

As the title would suggest, the Cryptologic product is played with two standard decks shuffled after each round, with five betting positions adding to the appeal. The dealer will draw to 16 and stand on all 17’s, while peaking for blackjack and offering the player Insurance. When this happens for the first time, you can simply select Yes/No to all and thus speed up the gameplay.

Double down option is available on any first two cards, but you will only be able to split identical cards, rather than same value cards as that is usually the case. One split is allowed per hand, but you get to hit or double after splitting if you wish to do so.

Cryptologic Limits & User Interface

Cryptologic Two Deck Blackjack offers no fewer than four table limits in the $10-$200, $25-$500, $100-$1,000 and $500-$5,000 range, meaning that low stakes players may be forced to switch to other blackjack variants in order to have access to lower bets. The game interface is pretty impressive and it definitely makes the action at the tables even more rewarding.