Free Double Exposure Blackjack by Pragmatic Play

How it works

Double Exposure is one of three Blackjack variations offered by the Malta-based software developer Pragmatic Play. This version of the game is highly popular among gamblers as it comes with a higher RTP. The Pragmatic Play game’s RTP is 99.69%, which is the highest RTP of all Double Exposure blackjacks you can find online.

If you are not familiar with this blackjack game variation, then the main feature which makes it stand out from the crowd is the fact that you can see the dealer’s both cards face-up before you make your move.

*We are really sorry but Pragmatic stopped offering their Double Exposure game in free play mode. So the game below is the Double Exposure by Habanero. Have fun!

Double Exposure Blackjack

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Pragmatic Play Blackjack Rules

We have already mentioned the biggest difference between Double Exposure and other Blackjack variations. One thing that this version lacks is the Rules section, so stay with us to learn how to play it. Besides the basics, we will also provide you with a unique strategy for this Blackjack variant. Since the player can see the dealer’s first two cards, the game comes with a set of rules that are not favourable for the player. However, the player can still keep the advantage over the house when applying the proper strategy.

The game starts with placing a bet and dealing 2 cards to each hand. You will instantly notice that the dealer’s cards are dealt face up, which helps you make your next move. Here is the list of all the Double Exposure Blackjack rules.

✓           Eight 52-card decks are used.

✓           Blackjack pays 1:1 for a natural blackjack, instead of 3 to 2.

✓           You can double down on any two cards.

✓           You can double down after a split.

✓           You can only split hands once.

✓           The dealer hits on a Soft 17.

✓           Surrender is not allowed.

Despite 1:1 payouts on natural blackjacks and the fact that the dealer hits on a Soft 17 instead of standing, which add a total of 2.48% to the house edge. The RTP of 99.69% for Double Exposure Blackjack is still high, just a bit short of making our list of lowest house edge blackjack games.

Double Exposure Blackjack Strategy

Double Exposure Blackjack Strategy Chart

Double Exposure Blackjack Strategy Chart

For the best performance while playing this Pragmatic Play game, you should apply the following strategy and tips.

Basically, if your total is between 5 and 11, you should hit when the dealers score is 4 to 13, 17 to 21 or AA to A6. With such a total, if the dealer’s total is 12 to 16, you should double down.

If your total is 12, and the dealer’s score is 4 to 6, 12 to 16 or A3 to A5, you should stand. The same goes if your total goes between 13 and 20 and the dealer’s score is 4 to 6, 11 to 16 or AA to A5 or A6. If your total is 21, always stand. The same goes if your cards are A and 10.

When having a pairs of cards, you should split or hit depending on the dealer’s cards. Click the Strategy button which can be found in the lower right corner below the chips to get the full strategy chart for this Blackjack variant. It is developed exclusively for Double Exposure Blackjack by Pragmatic Play and provides you with the full range of potential combinations and recommended moves right on the screen.

Bet Limits

Chips are laid in the lower right corner and you can wager from $1 up to $100 per round. Chips come in denominations of $1, $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100. Pick a chip and click on the centre position in front of you to place you bet. In this Blackjack variation a winning Blackjack hand pays even money. In terms of appearance, the game is nicely designed providing you with a realistic gaming experience with the wooden table and a green cloth on it.

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