Hi Lo Switch

To be honest, we didn’t intend this post this game on Online Blackjack Explorer, since it has nothing to do with blackjack. One of our content writers liked it and insisted that some of our visitors might enjoy it. Actually, Hi Lo Switch is a pretty fun and enticing card game. Probably due to it’s simplicity. It can be seen as an advanced type of the popular casino War game, but with more perks and increased level of control for the players.

Online Hi Lo Switch is powered by Soft Swiss. Its rules are simple and you will easily master them once you start playing the game. The objective of the game is to guess if the next dealt card will be of a higher or lower rank than one of three cards dealt. The special feature of the game is the Switch button which allows you to change all three cards twice per round.

The overall appearance of the game is great with a green table and animated cards landing and turning on it. You can play it in fun mode until you learn the ropes and then start wagering real money. As the game comes with fixed odds displayed for each betting option, you can easily see how much you can win. Hi Lo Switch is available in instant-play mode in online casinos powered by the company SoftSwiss and it is also available in for USA real money casino players.

Hi Lo Switch Soft Swiss Rules

To start playing the game you should choose a chip with a value according to your bankroll. As soon as you place your bet on the table and press the Deal button, you will be dealt three cards which will land on the table and turn face-up. Each card has the Hi button above it and the Lo button below it except for the cards of the lowest and highest rank, Aces and Kings. If they appear on the table, you will be offered only the Hi or Lo button, respectively.

Next to the Lo and High buttons you will see possible payouts and if you guess whether the next card is higher or lower correctly, the indicated payout will be added to your balance. If the next card is of the same value as the card you have compared it to, you lose. You can collect your payout or continue the round by guessing the next card. By clicking the Switch button you change all the cards on the table.

User Interface & Limits

You will easily find your way around as soon as you launch the game thanks to a user-friendly interface. As soon as you choose a chip and place it on the table, on the right side you will notice two buttons, Deal and New Bets. The former starts the round while the latter allows you to pick another chip if you have changed your mind. The Switch button is placed on the left side of the screen.

If you win, you can push the Collect button on the right side of the screen and finish the round. You will be offered to place the same bet by pressing the Rebet button or to change its value by opting for the New Bets button placed below. The graphics are realistic and provide you with an enjoyable gaming experience just as if you were sitting at a genuine casino table. You are allowed to wager from 1 up to 100 credits per round.