Amaya Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs is one of the most popular side bet blackjack games, maybe beside Progressive blackjack. The game is played according to regular blackjack rules with one twist: besides the regular bet you can choose to place a side bet on getting a pair. If your get 2 similar cards – you win, if not – you loose (only the side bet of course).

Amaya Perfect Pairs Blackjack with its odds and features is one of the best Perfect Pairs available online, both in terms of features and payouts. Played with six decks of hands shuffled after each round, the game supports five hands in total, and counting also the Perfect Pairs side bets, the player has the courtesy of placing up to ten bets per single round, which is something more experienced gamers will certainly enjoy.

The odds on the basic game are 99.53%, much higher than what you will get in Games OS for example. The drawback is that the side bets odds are quite low, only 93.9%.

Unfortunately, Amaya games aren’t available in USA friendly casinos. If you are from the States, you can check RTG Perfect Pairs game, which offers quite similar rules and payouts.

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Amaya Perfect Pairs Blackjack Rules

Perfect Pairs Amaya features a standard set of Blackjack rules where the dealer is given one card face up and one face down, checking for blackjack if his face up card is Ace or ten-value. The player is offered an insurance in that case, but we wouldn’t recommend taking it.

Double down option is available on any two cards, including after splits, but while only one card is dealt to split Aces, no resplits are allowed. The good news is that you can hit or double down after split, which can make quite the difference. The dealer stands on all 17s which is good.

For Prefect Pairs side wager to be active you need to place another bet on top of the standard blackjack wager, and if your first two cards then form a mixed pair, coloured pair and perfect pair, you will have secured a 6:1, 12:1 and 25:1 payout respectively.

Limits & User Interface

The game provides very good options when it comes to bet limits, seeing that you can choose from three table limits and stake anywhere from $1 to $500 per single hand, which should suit most high roller players. When it comes to the game interface, it is decent enough, but we recommend playing in full screen view given that most icons and fonts look quite small in window mode.