Single Deck Play’n Go

Blackjack games that only employ one deck of cards instead of the standard six or eight usually offer very good value for money, but the same cannot be said of Single Deck Play’n Go blackjack. Unfortunately, Play’n Go followed Las Vegas casinos by lowering blackjack payouts to 6/5.  The good news for all of us is that they are the only ones. All other online single deck blackjack games stayed true to the regular 3/2 payouts and offer superb winnings odds.

You can find our full review below and even play it for fun. However, we strongly recommended that you avoid this particular game, or any game with 6/5 payout for this matter, while playing for real money.  With 98.76% theoretical return, you will face an uphill task in attempt to turn a profit.

Please notice that this game is not available to US players.

Single Deck Play’n Go Rules

As the name would suggest, the game is played with a single deck of cards that is shuffled after each round, and there are some positives that ensure Play’n Go version does have something to offer when compared to other variants.

While dealer hits soft 17 in both Microgaming and NetEnt Single Deck, he stands on all 17’s here. With 10 value cards he also checks for blackjack which is another plus compared to other variants.  When his face up card is and Ace, the player is offered an Insurance which pays 2:1.

Another good news is that you can double down on any 2 cards, as well as hit and double after split. Only one split is allowed per hand, with split Aces dealt one card each.

Play’n Go Limits & User Interface

This is a multi-hand game unlike its aforementioned two counterparts, and you will be glad to hear that you have the option to stake between $1 and $100 per each of the three hands or up to $300 in total per round. The game interface is pretty good, featuring a number of options designed to help the gamers customize their user experience, with game visuals not too shabby either.

Bottom Line

Untill the payouts for natural are changed to the original 3/2 – stay way. There are so much better versions, that playing this game is just a waste of money. Non-US players can check Amaya’s game (99.79%), while US and Canadian blackjack players should go with Bovada single deck blackjack that gives you 99.86%! odds.