Free Suit Em Up

One of two versions of Suit ‘Em Up blackjack currently available to online players is published in 2015 by a renowned casino games provider RealTime Gaming (RTG). This is essentially an American blackjack game featuring the Suit Em Up side bet that has been very popular since 2013 when it was first introduced by the brick and mortar casinos in Las Vegas.

The game allows you to place this very interesting side bet in addition to the main bet and awards every time your first two cards are from the same suit, regardless you your main bet outcomes. As we’ve said before, you can find two versions of Suit Em Up blackjack online, but the game released by RTG is the only US-friendly black jack game that offers this increasingly popular side bet.

Free Suit Em Up

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Suit ‘Em Up Rules

The entire game revolves around the Suit Em Up bet, but you are not required to use it if you don’t want to. It is played with 8 decks of cards that are continuously shuffled. Keep in mind that this side bet gives you better odds when played with more decks, so 8 decks sound pretty fair. If your first two cards are from the same suit you will be awarded with some of the following payouts:

  • 60-1 for Suited Aces
  • 10-1 for Suited Blackjack
  • 5-1 for Suited Pairs
  • 3-1 for Suited Eleven and
  • 2-1 for Any Two Suited Cards

Other rules are pretty standard and it is worth mentioning that dealer must hit on soft 17. Insurance pays 2:1 and it will be offered every time the dealer’s face up card is an Ace. Split is allowed for all pairs, but you cannot re-split. One more thing – you can double down on any two card value.

User Interface & Limits

Suit Em Up by RTG is played at a nicely designed table that gives a feeling of a real casino game with nice details such as chips and card shoes located on the dealer’s side of the table. You can play by one hand only and, in order to make a bet, the player must mark the box and then click on the chips. The same goes for the Suit Em Up side bet box which stands right next to the main bet box. Split, Double, Stand, Hit and Deal buttons are at the bottom of the screen and they lighten up when available. The betting limits stretch from $1 to $250.