Vegas Strip Blackjack MGS

Vegas Strip Blackjack by Microgaming is another variation of the popular blackjack game. It is available in regular and Gold versions, with the latter featuring enhanced graphics and better overall gaming experience, albeit identical rules to its predecessor. The good news is that only 4 decks of cards are used, which further lowers the house edge. Taking into account that your winning chances are further improved by the rule that states the dealer must stand on all 17’s and you can split up to 3 times, this is one of the best blackjack games available on the web, with 96.65% return.

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Microgaming Rules

Vegas Strip Blackjack is variation of American blackjack. Meaning it is hole card game: the dealer will check for blackjack when his face up card is Ace or ten value, in which case the player is offered an opportunity to take Insurance at 2:1 potential winning odds.

In general, the rules of all Vegas Strip Blackjack online are quite similar, but there are minor exceptions. For example, in all games we’ve checked, the dealer draws to 16 and stand on all 17. However, in Microgaming version the player is allowed to split a single hand three times to make four hands, while in NYX Vegas Strip the player can split only once.

Other rules are similar between the games: Aces can only be split once and are dealt one hand each. You get to double on any first two cards, double after a split, as well as split unlike ten-value cards.

Limits & User Interface

Both regular Vegas Strip Blackjack and the Gold version feature the same table limit, allowing bets from $1 to $200 per hand. Meanwhile, the user interface differs a great deal, but it is nice to have a chance to choose between a classic, old-style graphics and contemporary, flashy visuals offers in Blackjack Gold.