Unlimited Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, both online and off. It’s an easy game to learn and provides plenty of excitement for everyone at the table.

Online, live-dealer blackjack games have proven to be especially popular among the players. Unfortunately, the massive popularity combined with the ability for people to play from just about anywhere in the world has led to sometimes long wait times or even the inability to get into some games. There are only so many live dealers available and they can only deal with a certain number of players at a time. That means that when a lot of people want to play at the same time, queues start to form.

Ezugi Unlimited Blackjack

Luckily for us blackjack enthusiasts, Unlimited Blackjack, sometimes called common-hand blackjack, was born to solve this problem and let us get into a live-dealer game any time with no need to wait for a seat to open up. If you haven’t seen Unlimited Blackjack, it’s high time you get in on a game and see how fun and fast it is to play.

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What Is Unlimited Blackjack?

Unlimited Blackjack allows an unlimited number of people to play at one table with the same live dealer and the same hand. (This is where the name common-hand blackjack comes from. All players share and play with the same cards.) Each player, however, makes his or her own decisions about how much to bet and how they want to play the hand. It might sound a bit confusing at first, but the play is basically the same as a standard blackjack game.

Decisions must be made within a time limit to ensure that the pace of the game moves along comfortably for everyone. Players will first place their initial bets and then the dealer will deal out the cards as in a regular game of blackjack. All players will then decide if they want to hit or stand. For those who stand, the hand is over and they’ll wait for it to complete to see if they win or lose. For those who elected to hit, the dealer will draw another card. The process repeats until the hand is either a bust or all players stand.

When the dealing is complete, all players will win or lose depending on their own individual decisions and wagers. For example, let’s say that you are playing at an Unlimited Blackjack table with two other players. The hand might play out in the following way:

  1. All players make their bets and the dealer deals one hand for himself and one for the players. The players’ hand is a 10 and a 5, making 15.
  2. You decide to stand on 15, but the other two players decide to hit. Your final hand is 15 and you’ll wait until all other players are done and the dealer reveals his cards.
  3. The dealer draws a third card which is an ace, giving the other two players a total of 16.
  4. Player 2 decides to stand, so his hand total remains 16 while player 3 decides to hit again.
  5. The dealer draws a fourth card which is 7, making 23. The hand is a bust, but only for player 3.
  6. The dealer’s up card was a 6 and his hole card turns out to be a queen, so he must hit.
  7. The dealer draws an 8 for himself, making his hand a bust as well.
  8. The hand is over and all bets are evaluated.
  9. You win, having stood on 15.
  10. Player 2 wins, having taken one card and then standing on 16.
  11. Player 3 loses because he drew on 16 and busted.
  12. The hand is over and betting is open for a new hand.

In the above example, the final hand with all cards drawn was a bust for the players, but each player’s wager is evaluated based on his own decisions. So all players are playing with the same cards, but still playing their own individual hand against a live dealer.

Unlimited Blackjack Variations

Although all Unlimited Blackjack games are more or less the same, you will run into some slight variations between games made by different software companies and casinos. It’s important that you look over the rules when you sit at one of these tables — especially if you like to play at different casinos.

Below are the basic rules for Unlimited Blackjack from the three most common software companies providing this game to online casinos.

Ezugi Unlimited Blackjack

On Ezugi Unlimited Blackjack tables, all players play a single hand against a live dealer. Rules you should be aware of include:

  • Ezugi games are played with eight standard playing card decks.
  • Pairs of 2,3,6,7, and 8 will be forced to split, all other pair hands may not split.
  • The player can decide to play or fold after an automatic split.
  • The dealer will stand on a soft 17.
  • Surrender is not allowed.
  • The dealer will peek at the hole card if the up card is an ace, but not if it is 10.
  • If the dealer starts with a 10 up and gets a blackjack, all bets lose including split hands.
  • The return to player rate is 99.46% when played with an optimal strategy.

NetEnt Common Draw Blackjack

NetEnt calls their version of this game Common Draw Blackjack. Again, all players will play against a live dealer with a single shared hand. Specific rules you should be aware of:

  • NetEnt games are played with six standard playing card decks.
  • The dealer will stand on a soft 17.
  • Surrender is not allowed.
  • Players may only split hands once.
  • The return to player rate is 99.5% when played with an optimal strategy.

Playtech Ultimate Blackjack

Playtech has named their version of the game Ultimate Blackjack. The major difference between Playtech’s games and those from other companies is that on Playtech tables you can play up to five hands at one time. All hands are shared between all players at the table and you can play as many as you like, from one to five. Playtech’s Ultimate Blackjack has, so far, proven to be the most popular version of unlimited blackjack among casino operators.

  • Playtech games use six standard playing card decks.
  • The dealer will stand on all hands 17 or higher.
  • Players can split hands multiple times.
  • Surrender is allowed and returns 80% of your bet.
  • The return to player rate is 99.48% when played with an optimal strategy.

Look For Unlimited Blackjack At Your Favourite Online Casino

If you like Blackjack but haven’t seen unlimited blackjack yet, make sure to look for it at your favourite online casino or check out our lists to find a friendly casino that offers it. If you like the live dealer experience but hate having to wait to get a seat at a blackjack table, unlimited blackjack is going to change the way you look at the game.