Visionary iGaming

Oriented primarily towards the live dealer games, Costa Rican company Visionary iGaming (ViG) has made a long way since its foundation in 2008 to establish itself as one of the most respectable providers of live dealer casino games in the world.

With dozens of online casinos powered by their software, ViG gets recognition from an army of online players spread across the globe, but US players have special reason to cherish them. ViG is the only reputable live casino software besides Global Gaming Labs, that accepts US residents. Presented to you in the real time, ViG games offer the real casino experience, with one difference: you don’t need to leave your living room to play live dealer blackjack.

ViG Software Features

In order to back up their games, ViG provides excellent software solutions that help players catch up on the games and follow everything that’s going on at the tables as if they were actually sitting across the dealer, or even better. No matter the quality of the live stream, no screen in the world can beat the real view to the table, so it is essential to supply the players with all the necessary information. ViG manages to assist the players sufficiently with the software that displays the outcomes of each game in the real time, user-friendly betting solutions, decent video and even the full game statistics.

If attractive Costa Rican dealers distract you from the game, you can switch off the video and look at the cards only or activate an appropriate animation depending on the game. Live chat is available in all their games if you want to congratulate the winners or share a thought that has crossed your mind.

Worth Mentioning:

  • Minimum bet of just $0.5.
  • No download required.
  • Bet behind feature which allows you to play even when all seats are taken (similar to Evolution Gaming).
  • Unique Blackjack Early Payout© with 99.5% payout.
  • Rummy and Pairs side bets.

ViG Live Blackjack Games

ViG pays special attention to the blackjack fans and it offers three variances of this game. While Blackjack HD and American Blackjack have a bet limit of 5 to 500, Blackjack Early Payout has three limits and you will need to select one of them before joining the table. On the other hand Blackjack HD and American Blackjack offer a bet behind feature. All ViG blackjack games feature Rummy side bet based on the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card. If these three cards form a straight, flush, or three of a kind, then the Rummy bet is won. As usual, blackjack pays 3:2, Insurance pays 2:1, Pairs pay 11:1 and Rummy pays 9:1.

Blackjack HD

While watching attractive female dealers in the HD resolution has to be very pleasurable for the prevailing male audience, the popularity of this live game is more likely a consequence of a low house edge and interesting side bets. Although one of the newest products by ViG, Blackjack HD has won the hearts of many players and surpassed the majority of older ViG games.

ViG Live HD Blackjack

ViG Live HD Blackjack

A single player can take up to 3 (or 2 on some tables) seats of seven available at each table. You are free to surrender unless the dealer has BJ, but you can double your bet after any two cards if you feel the luck is on your side. You may split only once, but you are allowed to double after split. If all the seats are taken (which could happen at peak times) you can take advantage of the unlimited bet behind option

American Blackjack

ViG American Blackjack

ViG American Blackjack

Same as the previous game, American Blackjack does not limit your back betting as long as the players are willing to allow you to back their wagers. In order to activate the back betting option, mark the Back Betting box at the bottom right corner of the screen and all seats allowing you to follow their wagers will be painted in yellow. The dealer will hit on soft 17.

Blackjack Early Payout

Unlike the two previous games, Blackjack Early Payout features three-seat tables. Before taking a seat, you are obliged to determine your bet limits out of three available (0.50-10, 5-100 and 25-500).While Blackjack HD comes with wide screen and crystal-clear video, Blackjack Early Payout emphasizes the cards, rather than the dealer and features lower quality video. The main attraction of this fast-paced game is that it offers a special Early Payout option. After each hand you will be offered an Early Payout amount which you can grab immediately and leave the game. Every time your hand changes, a green box at the bottom right corner will show how much you can take.

Other ViG Live Dealer Games

ViG made sure to broaden its live dealer offer to other highly popular casino games such as roulette and baccarat, but also a variation of baccarat called Super 6. All these games have three levels of bet limits you need to choose prior to your play. You can play either European Roulette or American Roulette, but each of these games has the same bet limits (0.1-20, 1-200 and 2.5-500). Baccarat and Super 6, on the other hand, offer different limits: 1-20, 10-200 and 25-500. The main difference between Baccarat and Super 6 is that the latter pays 1:2 if the Banker wins with the score of 6, unlike the regular Baccarat which pays 1:1 no matter the score.

The best blackjack casino to play VIG games is Black Diamond casino. It accepts players from all over United States and offers $999 Welcome bonus.