0 House Edge Blackjack – Is It for Real?

Edgeless Casino has recently released its beta version of the Zero House Edge Blackjack. The game, which will be officially launched this autumn, is going to be the first game available at the Ethereum blockchain casino and allegedly it will be the first game game that comes with a zero house edge. Is it possible that a player has the same chance of winning as the house does? We’ll deal with this topic further in the text.

As the statement reads, Edgeless Casino wants to contribute to the transparency of the gameplay as online casino sites still can easily influence every variable without being noticed. Edgeless Casino plans to connect the casino’s server to the blockchain by a tamper-proof smart contract which will result in revealing the inner workings of their games so that any player can verify it.

0 House Edge Blackjack

The Edgeless founders expect that a unique 0 house edge Blackjack will attract the attention of the gambling community as their approach differs from what has been available on the market so far. Though certain casinos offer the Zero Edge Lounge with Blackjack tables theoretically providing players with equal winning chances as the casino does, the inner actions behind the game have never been revealed. By revealing the data, the casinos will provide their players with important insights which will make them believe that the games are operated in a fair manner.

On the other hand, one cannot take advantage of the zero house edge regardless of the game variant if they have not learnt the basic strategy and they do not follow the tips for the best performance and results. No matter how transparent the gameplay can be, to win at a Blackjack table you have to apply the perfect strategy for the particular variant you play or the dealer will beat you.

Anyway, we will have to wait and see till the casino goes live. Meanwhile, you can’t enjoy zero house edge blackjack, but you can play those blackjack games with the lowest house edge.