Blackjack and Hookers – Out! Blackjack and Pornstars – In?

“Well, I’m going to build my own theme park, with blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget the park!” – Bender  (Futurama)

Both blackjack and hookers are pretty popular actually. Blackjack has long been one of the most popular casino games of all time. Hookers, well that’s said to be the world’s oldest profession. So both of these have a rich history indeed.

Bender may have been thinking of having these two forms of entertainment offered separately, but what if you could sort of do both at the same time? What if, instead of hookers, they brought in some real stars of the sex industry, bona fide porn stars?

Gambling and pornography have both been kicked around quite a bit over the years, so called vices, and while things aren’t quite so prudish in the 21st century as in past ones, there are still folks who stick their noses up at either. These are two hugely popular things to do on the internet though. So why not have these two things team up, into a…blackjack pornography site?

That was exactly the vision of leading online porn site Pornhub (sorry guys and girls, you will have to google it cause we won’t place a link here. They offer all the free porn anyone could handle, as well as a premium version for a monthly fee, so why not look to monetize the site further by getting into the other enormously popular thing to do online, play blackjack and other casino games?

Blackjack and Pornstars

Blackjack and Pornstars – Relatively Modest Live Dealer Table

This did present at least a bit of a challenge though, as getting the word out on this isn’t quite as easy as it would be for a more traditional online casino. Some online casino promoters may worry that the porn element of this might be seem as distasteful or have other negative consequences.

To hell with that though. Porn and blackjack is perhaps an idea who’s time has come. It isn’t for everyone, porn isn’t for everyone, blackjack isn’t either, but it’s not hard to imagine this going together if bumped up against each other, like chocolate and peanut butter perhaps.

Blackjack is really a form of entertainment, who is to say that one cannot also be entertained by having the opportunity to interact with a pornstar while playing it?

This just isn’t a matter of having your blackjack hands dealt by beautiful, naked women. That alone would be way to risqué for your run of the mill online casino, but we’re talking more bang for the buck in this case.

As Corey Price, PH vice president told Huffington Post “Our users know a thing or two about having a good time online, so when a casino company approached us with an opportunity to blend gambling with porn, we had to consider it seriously and decided to take a gamble —pun intended — and go ahead with the idea.”

It’s known that one of the main problems that PH is dealing with is that visitors stay on site only for few minutes. Not a big surprise… By giving an additional product, they hope that the visitors will stay onsite a little longer.

Adult Stars as Live Dealers

Live dealer tables have increased the realism of playing online blackjack quite a bit, those are real cards being dealt to you in real time via a video feed. So now, we have the same thing but add some other real stuff in there. These are real ______ as well.

Anyone can watch videos of porn stars, a lot of people pay money to watch video feeds of naked women and the live element of this makes it very popular and well worth paying for in the minds of many. You get this interaction for free and also get to play blackjack too, what a concept!

There’s more than just blackjack here, this is a full service casino, taking the term full service to a new level perhaps. There’s the naked dealers, strip poker, porn clips on their slot machines and even the unique Pornstar slot, which some say that is quite loose…

One of the things that some people find particularly appealing with pornstars is that, unlike mere nude models, they have a body of work that you can check out that leaves nothing to the imagination. Some pornstar actresses even make themselves available elsewhere to high rollers who can purchase their time so they can play blackjack with them in private, or engage in other titillating activities as one may prefer.

This is also an online casino though, and aside from the more inspiring live blackjack, you can also play other live casino games as well as the usual assortment of computer based slots and table games that you find at just about every other online casino site. Whatever you want to play, they have it, driven by instant play, leading edge software.