Labouchere System in Blackjack

Whilst many blackjack betting methods don’t need much explanation, the Labouchere system is slightly harder to learn. Despite its complications, it’s still one of the most popular and better known ways of playing roulette (and blackjack).

Labouchere, similar the most popular Martingale system, involves negative progression, which means increasing the stake after a losing bet. It aims on recovering the losses with a number of small wins. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages using this method, as with all systems, and players should not see it as a way of making money in the long-run. It should be viewed as a fun way of playing table games and maybe winning some money on the way. he casino.


First of all, players must decide how much profit they want to make by the end of the session.  So for example, say you want to make £20. You then need to write down a sequence of betting wagers that make up £20. For example: £4,£2,£2,£1,£1,£2,£4,£4. Although it doesn’t matter what your string of wagers look like as long as they add up to £20.

To make bets, you add the first and last numbers of the string. So, in this example, you would add £4 and £4, and your first bet would be £8. If you win that bet, you cross the two numbers of the list and move inwards again, so your next bet would be £2 and £4 which equals a £6 wager.

However, if you lose a bet, you must then add the total of your bet to the end of the list. So using this example, if you had lost your first bet, your new sequence of units would be £4,£2,£2,£1,£1,£2,£4,£4,£8.


  • This system gives players freedom to control the inner progression of the bets. For example you can build it opposite to the example we’ve shown before:  £1,£2,£2,£4,£4,£3,£1,£1.
  • Labouchere system is less risky and less volatile than Martingale. In Martingale your goal it to recover all your previous losses in one bet, while in Labouchere the goal is to recover your losses in a sequence of bets. Therefore the increase in stakes here is much slower and you are less likely to reach your budget limit or the table limit.


  • As usual, there no guarantee that you will be able to overcome the house edge. Mainly, you will win small many times, but one big loss could have devastating consequences on your bankroll.
  • It’s one of the most complicated systems and takes time getting used to, plus a pen and paper.
  • You can easily reach the table limit before you cross out all the numbers in your sequence. Not as fast as in Martingale, but still…

Please ensure that you gamble responsibly and only use this system for entertainment purposes. Casinos should be seen as fun and not a way of making long-term money.