Blackjack Paroli System

The Paroli system is one that players partake in by using a progression style of betting and has been often praised by many gamblers as a ‘safe’ method of gambling. It is one of the most commonly used betting strategies in which players increase their stake every time they win a hand. It aims to take advantages of streaks and players can maximize profits by betting more during winning streaks and less during a sequence of losses – basically the opposite of The Martingale betting system.

The system guarantees that no more than one single unit is risked at any one time. However, like all progressive systems, it is advisable to set yourself a budget as there are disadvantages we are going to discuss and obviously the system should be seen as a bit of fun and not a serious way to make money.

What is a Paroli System?

Players initially make a bet of one unit; if you win that hand then you double your next bet and if you loose, you stay with the original bet.

However, once you win three consecutive hands, then you go back to your original stake. For example, your first bet would be $5, if you win then your next bet would be $10 and then finally if you win that, your next bet would be $20. After the third bet, you will then revert back to your original wager which is $5. Of course you don’t have to set the win limit to three hands but most players choose this amount to aim for as it is quite feasible that you will achieve this.

In general, the simple systems like Paroli and specially Martingale are the most dangerous. So if you are ok with a bit more complicated “solutions”, 1-3-2-6 system and for sure Oscar betting system, are more recommended.


  • Easy-to-use – the system is very simple and players can use it without any practice
  • Players do not need a substantial bankroll unlike other progressive systems
  • Takes advantages of hot streaks as oppose to losing money when you encounter one
  • It doesn’t require you to chase losses so you will not feel uncomfortable by having to place wagers significantly higher than your initial limit
  • You can choose how small or big your stakes are


  • The system requires streak of wins to make any money. You may find that by the time you get three consecutive wins, you are still running on a loss.
  • If you find yourself in a common run of win-lose-win-lose-win then your money will decrease quite rapidly
  • No matter what, you will always be at a disadvantage using this system, as the house still retains its edge. The probability of a loss is always slightly higher than a win.

Blackjack Paroli System – Summary

The idea of Blackjack Paroli system is to take advantage of a positive streak, therefore it’s much riskier than split systems, such as Oscar and 1-3-2-6. If you are new to the game of Blackjack, we don’t think Paroli would be a wise choice. In either case, don’t forget that unless you are a professional card counter, the house will always have an edge and you should play blackjack for fun, and not as a means to make money.