Felt Gaming 21 plus 3

21 plus 3 Blackjack is an exciting combination of two classic casino games, blackjack and 3 card poker. European blackjack serves as the base game and to spice things up, you can place a side bet on your 2 cards and dealer’s face up card creating a valid poker hand. Here we will focus on the version developed by Felt Gaming, which is definitely my favorite.

Felt Gaming is not available at USA online casinos.

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Rules & Odds

Felt Gaming 21 plus 3 Blackjack is played with 6 standard decks. It is a multi-hand game; you can play up to 3 hands per round.


  • Doesn’t check for blackjack.
  • Draws on 16 and stands on all 17s.


  • One split per hand split to up to two hands and you can split Aces.
  • Double on 9,10, 11 value hands.
  • After doubling down you will receive only one card.
  • You can hit split hands, including split Aces.


  • Blackjack pays 3:2
  • If the dealer’s up card is an Ace you will be offered a 2:1 insurance.
  • If you have a blackjack and the dealer’s card is an Ace you will be offered real money (payout of 1:1).
  • Similar value hands are a push.

Bonus Payouts

  • Flush, three cards of the same suit, pays 5:1.
  • Straight, three cards in numerical order, pays 10 to 1. (For that purpose 10, J, Q, K are referred as having different value. Ace can be high or low: A-2-3 or Q-K-A).
  • Three of a kind, 2-2-2 or J-J-J for example, pays 30 to 1,
  • Straight flush, cards in numerical order of the same suit, pays 40 to 1.
  • Suited three of a kind will give you 100 to 1.

Felt 21 plus 3 Blackjack Odds

The official odds the Felt Gaming state are 99.63% on the blackjack base game and 92.86% on side bets. According to my calculations the base odds are slightly lower, 99.52%, while the side bet payouts are higher, 95.82%.

Compared to the other 21+3 blackjack games online, it’s pretty much in the middle, slightly below what is offered in IGT blackjack game.

Limits & Interface

In terms of design and interface, Felt Gaming products are very unique and truly stand out from the rest. While everybody try to imitate live casino blackjack tables, Felt understood that it’s an online game and it should be designed as one. It’s clear, simple and easy to use. Just perfect.

The betting limits are great and should suit both, high stakes pros and occasional players. The minimum main bet is 10p and it goes up to /£ 500 per hand. The side bets start also at 10p and can be raised to /£ 250. In total, considering the fact that you can play three hands simultaneously, you can bet up to  /£ 2,250 per round.