Free American Blackjack

There are plenty of Blackjack variations out there, but most stick to the same Vegas Strip Rules. Actually, Vegas Strip, Atlantic City blackjack are variations of American Blackjack, but somehow the term American blackjack got almost forgotten and there are not many games that go under this name.

Basically the term American blackjack stands as an opposite to European blackjack. What defines them is that in American the dealers second card is shown, while in European both cards face down.

BetSoft is one of the only online software developers which named their game that way. You can play it for free here on our site or check our list of best real money blackjack sites.


Free American Blackjack by BETSOFT

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Bet365 Casino 100% up to £/$/€ 100 Best for UK, Canada and EU Classic Blackjack – 0.21% house edge play

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Casino Max 150% up to $1500 Highest USA Blackjack Bonus N/A play


American Blackjack Strategy Chart

Strategy Chart

At the start of each game, the player makes a bet of their choice. The player is then dealt two cards face down and the dealer is dealt two cards with one facing up. Each card is represented of their value; face cards are worth 10, and an ace is worth either 1 or 11. The best hand a player can get is blackjack – this is when you have a 10 and an ace with your first two cards. If you have this hand then you win that game automatically, unless the dealer has the same hand that will then result in a push. If the dealer has an ace as his first card, the player will be able to purchase insurance which costs half of the initial bet at odds of 2-1 if the dealer has a ten in their next card. The same bet is also offered if the player has blackjack. If there are no blackjacks, the game is continued with the player having the opportunity to play out their hand with the following four options:

  • Stand – you don’t want any more cards and are happy with your score.
  • Hit – the dealer will give you another card.
  • Double Down – this is only available on your first two cards and means you make a second bet equal to your initial wager. The dealer will then give you another card and you must stick to this score. At BetSoft game you can double only when the value of your initial hand is 10 or 11.
  • Split – this is again only available on your first two cards if they are the same rank, and means you split them into two pots, to which you then receive a second card for each. Both hands will then be played as normal. If you decide to split an ace then you must stand when you receive yours second card. Here you can split only once.

A player is bust if their score goes over 21 and then subsequently lose the game. The dealer has the chance to play their hand once the player has decided to stand. If they have 16 or less then they will always hit and if they have 17 or over they will always stand. If the dealer busts then the player will win that hand. The player will also win if their hand is higher than the dealer’s hand at the end of the game.

User Interface & Limits

BetSoft bet limits vary from $1 to $100, which is ok for casual players, but probably not enough for blackjack highrollers. The house edge here stands on 0.75% which is quite high and definitely cannot be compared with some of the best blackjack games you can find online.