Match Play 21

Just like Pirate 21 game, Match Play 21 is an exciting variation of blackjack where six Spanish decks of cards are used, meaning that four 10’s have been removed from the decks. The Realtime Gaming product features bonus payouts that are a fixture in all Spanish 21 games, but, unlike Pirate 21, it does not offer any side bets.

Seasoned gamers are not going to be too happy with the fact that only one hand per round is allowed, while other variations offer 3 or even 5 hands (Microgaming Spanish 21) per round. Nevertheless, with Insurance and Surrender both available, Match Play 21 does have advantages of its own.

Match Play 21 Rules

The dealer is given two cards, one of which is face up, and he must hit soft 17. This is not the best case scenario, but with the player winning tied blackjack and 21 hands, it is clearly compensated elsewhere.

Only one double down is allowed per hand, but you have the option to hit after splitting. One of the strangest rules we have encountered says that you need to press Stand after blackjack as the hand does not stand by default.

Surrender is another option that ultimately improves your winning chances, especially given that you can use it even after doubling down, with half of your total stake returned.

Free Match Play 21 Blackjack

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Match Play 21 Odds & Payouts

With standard blackjack payouts in place, blackjack, insurance and other winning hands pay 3:2, 2:1 and even money respectively, but it is the bonus payouts that you need to pay attention to if you are new to Spanish 21 games.

A hand consisting of three suited 7’s while dealer’s face card is also 7 is called Match Play 21 and it pays 40:1, which is a reduced payout given that the same combination usually awards 50 to 1 win.

Some of the other top payouts include 3:1 on 7-7-7 or 6-7-8 spades and seven-card 21 as well as 2:1 on 7-7-7 or 6-7-8 suited and six-card 21.

Limits & User Interface

With just one hand per round allowed, players can stake anywhere from $1 to $100 per round, although double down and split wagers obviously increase the starting bet. Cartoon-style graphics are unlikely to appeal to more experienced gamers, but the most important thing is that gameplay is smooth and runs without any problems.