Free Pirate 21

Pirate 21 Blackjack is basically a Spanish 21 game with a different title, although it does differ from similar versions developed by Microgaming and Games OS. The biggest difference is the presence of match the dealer side bet, whereas it is also important to note that the BetSoft game is played with six decks of 48 cards, as opposed to eight decks used by the two aforementioned variants.

Pirate 21 is also the only Spanish 21 where the dealer must stand on all 17’s, while there is no Insurance or Surrender available. More experienced players will enjoy the courtesy of playing up to three hands at once, with bet limits also good enough to satisfy their needs.

Free Pirate 21 Blackjack

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Pirate 21 Blackjack Rules

BetSoft’s take on the Spanish 21 version of Blackjack is quite interesting, with numerous changes to the standard set of rules definitely adding to the excitement. And while the absence of 10 cards does go against the player, numerous perks and benefits are in place to balance things out.

The player is allowed to double down on any number of cards, whereas aces can be resplit and both hit and double down can be performed as normal after splitting aces, which is rarely the case in most variants of online Blackjack.

A side bet needs to be placed alongside the standard wager if you want to have the chance to land attractive match the dealer payouts, with dealer always given one card face up that can later be used to determine said bonus payouts.

Pirate 21 Payouts

The 3:2 and even money payouts on blackjack and other winning hands are nothing new, but player’s blackjack and 21 always beat dealer’s blackjack and 21, further lowering the house edge.

Provided you have placed match the dealer side bet, you will receive a 4 to 1 payout if any of your first two cards matches the dealer’s face card regardless of the suit, with suited match paying 9 to 1.

All bonus payouts are identical to the corresponding payouts in Spanish 21 Microgaming and Games OS, apart from the hand when you receive suited 7-7-7 and dealer’s face card is 7. Said hand awards $1,000 and $5,000 fixed payout on $5-$24 and $25+ bets respectively. Naturally, $25 bets will give you the best possible odds. If you are not into high stakes blackjack, we recommended to go with $5 bets, to increase your odds.

According to these rules, the house edge of Pirate 21 blackjack is 0.70%.

Limits & User Interface

Pirate 21 allows bets between $1 and $100 per hand, with maximum match the dealer side wager standing at $25. Therefore, you can stake up to $375 per single round. BetSoft’s user interface is pretty good and even allows gamers to choose between three gameplay speeds. However, while the visuals are quite appealing, standard controls are far from impressive.