Multi Hand Spanish 21

Spanish 21, also known as Spanish Blackjack or as Pontoon in Australia, is played with eight decks that contain 48 cards each, with four ten cards having been removed. In addition to standard blackjack payouts, Spanish 21 features a plethora of bonus hands that can award wins of up to 50 to 1.

While most Spanish 21 games available in online casinos resemble one another, Games OS made sure their version stands out of the crowd: superb design, smooth gameplay and multi-hand option should appeal seasoned gamers.

Games OS casinos do not accept US players. If you wish to play Spanish blackjack from US, you can choose between BetSoft Pirate 21 and RTG’s Match Play 21.

Spanish 21 Games OS Rules

Just like the player, the dealer is dealt two cards, one of those being face up, and he must hit on soft 17. The good news is that the player’s blackjack and 21 beats dealer’s blackjack and 21, which is not the case in either Blackjack or Pontoon games.

When it comes to doubling down, Spanish 21 Games OS allows just one of these per hand, as opposed to Microgaming version where players can use double down option twice per hand. Double down can be performed after splitting, but no hit is allowed after doubling.

The game offers both regular Surrender and Double Down Rescue, with the latter allowing the player to surrender after doubling down, which can come in handy given the no hit after doubling policy.

Spanish 21 Games OS Payouts

We have already mentioned bonus payouts that can make genuine difference to your account balance and various liberal rules do make up for the missing 10s. However, the expected payouts are a bit below the average with 99.24%, much lower than Microgaming Spanish blackjack game which stands on 99.58%. All bonus payouts are displayed on the table and can also be found by clicking on the Help icon, but we will mention them here as well.

If you happen to receive three 7’s of the same suit while the dealer’s face-up card is 7, your stake will be multiplied whopping 50 times. Meanwhile, 3:1 payout is awarded for any hand of 21 consisting of seven or more cards, 6-7-8 of spades or 7-7-7 of spades.

Player’s blackjack, five-card 21, 6-7-8 mixed suit and 7-7-7 mixed suit pay 3 to 2, whereas six-card 21, 6-7-8 of same suit and 7-7-7 of same suit pay 2 to 1.

Games OS Limits & User Interface

If you are into high betting limits, then Multi-hand Spanish 21 will be just perfect seeing that it supports wagers up to $300 per single hand or up to $1,500 in total per round. Their user interface is top-notch as well, coming equipped with a number of helpful features, and we recommend playing in full screen since important game controls look quite small in window mode.