Super 21 USA

Invented by Las Vegas gaming consultant Howard F. Grossman, Super (Fun) 21 is an exciting variant of Blackjack that stands out of the crowd thanks to several interesting rules that give the player an advantage over the dealer, although decreased blackjack payout and the requirement for the dealer to hit soft 17 more than balance things out and ensures a relatively high edge in the area of 1.06 – 1.4%.

The reason why we say “in the area” is due to the fact that Realtime Gaming’s do not reveal the exact number of decks they use, which is a problem when it comes to evaluating our winning odds. We recommend you base the calculations on six or even eight decks, and if eventually it turns out to be a single deck game, it’s your gain.

Besides the number of decks, RTG follow standard Super Fun 21 rules, such as bonus payouts on diamond blackjack, five-card 21, six-card 21 and six-card 20 or less, while supporting Late Surrender and Double Down Rescue options.

If you are from the States, then you will be glad to hear that RTG title is available for USA real money blackjack players, however if you’re not from US, we recommend that you switch to Microgaming’s Super Fun 21.


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Super 21 Rules

Super 21 rules are quite different to standard blackjack rules, and you can find all important ones below. You will be glad to hear that player blackjack beats dealer blackjack and that Late Surrender can be activated at any time, even after doubling down, although only diamond blackjack pays 2:1, whereas other suits pay even money.

Basic rules

• Six decks of cards used

• Blackjack pays even money

• Dealer hits soft 17

• Player blackjack beats dealer blackjack

• Double down on any number of cards

• Split any cards of equal value to play up to three hands

• Late surrender supported

• Insurance pays 2:1

Bonus payouts (do not apply after doubling)

• Diamond blackjack – 2:1

• 5-card 21 – 2:1

• 6-card 21 – 2:1

• 6-card 20 or less – wins automatically

Limits & User Interface

When it comes to bet limits, low stakes players should find $1 minimum bet quite acceptable. On the other hand, high rollers will enjoy the fact they can stake up to $250 per hand, although some blackjack sites cap maximum bet on $100 per hand. The user interface is lightning fast and comes equipped with Rules and Help sections, but the visuals are a bit outdated and predominant dark red colour is not too appealing.