Surrender Blackjack by Games OS

Surrender Blackjack developed by Games OS company is pretty much your average American blackjack game with one addition, the Surrender option. This game variation started at Atlantic City blackjack tables, but quickly spread across the globe and to online blackjack sites.  When it comes to winning odds, Games OS version is the best of the bunch with 99.66%. Taking also into account that it runs on a high-quality user interface with wide betting limits, chances are you will be impressed with what it has to offer.

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Blackjack Surrender Games OS Rules

Played with 4 standard decks (unlike Playtech’s Blackjack Surrender game which is played with 6).

Dealer stands on all 17’s and offers Insurance when his face up card is an Ace, while also checking for blackjack when having a ten value card. As that is usually the case, blackjack and insurance pay 3:2 and 2:1 respectively.

The good news is that you can double on any first two cards, rather than just on 9, 10 or 11.

One split per hand is allowed, and you get to hit and double after splitting if you wish, provided you are not splitting Aces. When this is the case, only one card will be dealt to each of the split Aces.

Surrender: if the dealer doesn’t have a natural, you will have an option to surrender your hand at the cost of half of your bet. With 4 decks in use the additional value is quite small, just 0.04%, but it’s something. Make sure to sure to use it correctly and not to through away perfectly good hands. Check our Blackjack Surrender Strategy for more details.

Since OnlineBlackjackExplorer uses SSL encryption, while Games OS not, to play the game you need to approve unsecured content to load. To do that click on the lock sign at the top left corner of your browser page and disable protection.

Limits & User Interface

Games OS user interface is probably the best in business when card games are concerned as it is lightning fast and comes equipped with a plethora of userful options, while players will also enjoy the very good table limits. Supporting wagers between $1 and $300 per single hand or up to $1500 per round, Games OS Blackjack Surrender  will appeal to both low stakes gamers and high rollers.