Triple Attack Blackjack

If you’ve been playing blackjack for ages and have already given many of the basic game’s variants a try, you might think you’ve seen it / done it all. You might be very wrong, though!

What is Triple Attack Blackjack?

Triple Attack Blackjack will deliver additional challenges and test how good your blackjack skills really are. Apart from playing with 8 decks where all the 10’s have been removed, you’ll be able to place an additional wager after seeing your first card and do it again when dealer reveals his up card. If you had a chance to play Double Attack Blackjack, then it is a further step in that direction.

Triple Attack is a relatively new game invented by Galaxy Gaming. It was first presented in 2010 and won the Best New Table Game of the Year award of that year.

Bellow you will find a few details on this interesting blackjack variant, but in order to check it out for yourself you’ll need to visit a land-based casino. Unfortunately, Triple Attack is not yet one of the blackjack games available in online casinos.

Triple Attack Blackjack Rules

If you’re a fresh blackjack player, you might want to gain more practice with simpler variants of the game before joining this one, as strategy is fairly different. Seasoned gamers will, on the other hand, very likely enjoy the challenge. It might require a bit more concentration as you’ll need to take into account total points of the cards you’re holding, number of your cards and dealer’s up card.

  • played with 8 decks (minus 10’s)
  • dealer hits on soft 17’s
  • you can double after any amount of cards, including after a split
  • you can re-split aces
  • dealer busting with 22 creates a standoff

After you place your First Attack wager, you will receive 1 card face up. You’ll then have to choose whether to make the Second Attack wager and place an additional bet equaling your original wager. Following your decision, dealer will deal themselves their first card face up. It’s up to you once again to make your Third Attack wager (or not), after which you will receive your second card face up and dealer will get his second one face down. Do note that you can still make the Third Attack wager even if you’ve chosen against wagering on the second one. If you win, all wagers placed are paid 1-1.

Landing a Blackjack, score of 21 or un-busted 6 cards or more, you will beat any dealer’s score including a Blackjack. Both of you revealing same totals will create a standoff. Same goes in case you score 20 or less and dealer busts with 22. If doubling or splitting, all Attack wagers must be matched.

Triple Attack Blackjack comes with three side bets. Suited Royals pays if your first two cards are a King-Queen suited, 2 other suited picture cards or a two-card flush. Triple Match combines your first 2 cards with the dealer’s first card and pays for a suited three-of-a-kind, any other three-of-a-kind, a suited pair or another pair. Finally, the same insurance as in standard blackjack is available, paid at odds 2-1 and 5-1 for a suited blackjack. Insurance will be offered if after the Third Attack wagers have gone through, dealer has an ace facing up.

Strategy and Tips

We’d advise you to make the Second Attack wager only if your first card is 10 or ace. If it was an ace, always make the Third Attack wager as well. In case it was a 10, wager the third time only if dealer hasn’t turned up a 10 or an ace.

As far as the basic blackjack game goes, always stand on hard 18-21 regardless of the number of cards you’re holding. Same applies for hard 17, unless dealer holds an ace, in which case hit it. You should also hit on hard 15’s and 16’s faced with dealer’s 7 to ace, no matter how many cards are in front of you. Hard 13’s and 14’s should be followed by a hit regardless what the dealer’s card, unless you’re holding 5 cards which is when you should double.

In case you’re playing with hard 10’s or 11’s, double up on your first 3 cards and hit on 4th against dealer’s 3-6. Hit on hard 4-9 when holding up to 4 cards and double if you’ve got 5 of them. For any soft combination, getting to your 5th card without busting should be followed by doubling down.

Splits should be made on a pair of 8’s unless dealer holds an ace. If you decide to split aces (which you should always do), you’ll get one more card and can then decide to stand, double or re-split with another ace. Generally, you should double on soft 12-16 unless dealer holds an ace, and also on soft 17 if dealer’s card is not a 10 or an ace.

There’s a lot going on here and it’s bound to make your blackjack game more exciting than it ever was. Try it out when you get a chance and discover a new found love for an old favorite.

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