Free Bet Blackjack

What is Free Bet Blackjack?

Have you ever set foot in a casino playing your favorite game of blackjack and got offered that someone else pays for your bets, while you collect the winnings? You wish, right?! Well, Free Bet Blackjack does exactly what it says: a chance to play on someone else’s money!

While you will still need to put up your own cash for the initial wager, you’ll get to make double-downs and splits for free, increasing your potential wins. Of course, there are some negative rule to compensate for that, such as dealer’s becoming a Push and not bust. Nevertheless, Free Bet Blackjack, one of the newest blackjack games, is really fun and it is one of the most popular blackjack variants.

Btw, it was invented by the same guy that created Blackjack Switch and Zappit Blackjack – Geoff Hall. It first appeared in Vegas in 2012, but since then it spread across the globe. Unfortunately, it is not available for online play so in order to benefit from free bet financing you’ll have to walk into a land-based casino. We assume it will become available online in 2017.

* If you were looking for free chips and not the free bet blackjack variation – check our blackjack no deposit bonuses page.

Before we dive into details, you should know that Free Bet blackjack odds are 98.96% (house edge of 1.04%). That’s definitely below some of the lowest house edge blackjack games, but we are here to have fun. So if you like this game, you should play it. Just play it right.

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Free Bet Rules

Regardless of whether you’ve got tons of experience with this popular table game or have just started understanding the basics, you should find it relatively easy to play this variant. Many of the standard rules apply and quite a few will work in your favor.

  • Playing with six decks
  • Dealer hits on soft 17’s
  • Blackjack pays the standard 3 to 2
  • You can double after a split
  • You can double on two cards only
  • You can re-split to four hands, aces included!
  • Surrender is not allowed

So what’s different? Regular (paid for) doubles are allowed on all two-card hands except hard 9’s, 10’s and 11’s. In case of the latter, your wager will be matched with a free double and you’ll receive 1 additional card. Should the dealer win this hand, you’ll only lose your original wager. If it ends in a push, you’ll get back what you wagered. However, if you win, on top of your wager you’ll get winnings equal to double that amount.

Free Splits are available when you’re holding a hand of any pairs except 10’s and 4’s (and you’d probably wouldn’t want to split these anyway). Your original wager is placed on one of the split hands while the other receives a free bet. Each of them is eligible for a free double or a free split. Should you win, your free bet tokens will deliver chips equaling the original bet.

There is one minor catch to this game: if dealer busts on 22 while you’re holding 21 or less, your wager is a push.

Free Bet Blackjack Strategy and Tips

Having in mind the specificity of this game, one general advice is to accept any free double and free split opportunity you get.

Other than that, and keeping in mind that dealer hits on soft 17’s, your regular blackjack strategy should apply. Always hit on hard 9 – 11 (except 9 vs dealer’s 10), stand on hard 12 vs dealer’s 4-6 and hit on hard 13-16 only if dealer holds 7 or higher. Always stand on hard 17 or more and hit on soft 17. Stand on soft 18 unless the dealer reveals 9, 10 or an ace. Whenever you’re holding soft 19 or more, stick with it.

Free doubles aside, you should also double down on hard 9 against dealer’s 3-6 and do the same on soft 13-19 vs dealer’s 6. As far as splits go, the ones we’d recommend are already included in the freebies offer.

Free Bet Blackjack comes with many rules in your favor and really only one against, with dealer pushing on 22. As we’ve mentioned before, that brings the house edge to 1.04%.

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