D’Alembert System in Blackjack

The D’Alembert system is slightly safer than other blackjack gambling systems, as it is used to balance out wins and losses over the long-term. It uses a negative progression system (similar to Martingale or Labouchere system) in which you increase bets after a loss. Players should not expect to win a large amount, but instead aim to break even or make a small profit.

What is D’Alembert System

The system is very easy to follow in which players must increase their bet by one unit after each loss and decreasing by one unit after a win.

For example, if you are using £5 per unit, and you lost your first bet, you would have to increase your next wager to £10, which is two units. If you then lose this bet, you would increase your wager to £15, which is three units. However, if you won your £15 bet, you would then take a unit away and wager with £10 on your next bet.

It’s easier to explain it with $1 bets  – see the example. As you can see, that unlike in Martingale system, here you do not try to recoup all your losses in 1 bet, and therefore the bets grow slower and the whole system is less risky. Of course that means that you need bigger number of wins to end in positive.


bet result next bet balance
$1 loss $2 $99
$2 loss $3 $97
$3 win $2 $100
$2 loss $3 $98
$3 loss $4 $95
$4 win $3 $99
$3 win $2 $102


  • The system is very easy to use, even for beginners. Players will always know what their stakes should be as long as they remember their last bet and know what their unit wager is
  • The bets don’t increase quickly, so it’s easier to handle a long loosing streak.
  • Unlike with Martingale, you are less probable to reach table limits.


  • Any losses generated will be recovered slowly.
  • If you hit a losing streak, you can lose your money fast (not as fast as Martingale, but still).
  • Even if you use this system, the house edge will always remain the same. The chances of hitting a loosing streak are still higher then a winning one.
  • As it is a relatively low risk system, your potential winnings will also be low

Bottom Line

D’Alembert is a simple and relatively “more safe” negative progression system. Nevertheless, as we always say, you should remember that no system can negate the in-built house edge, so you should use it for fun and not as a sure way to make money.

Last, if you decide to use it, you should still pick the blackjack games with the lowest house edge and play only in reputable online casinos with fast withdrawals.