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Besides attracting huge crowds in land-based casinos across the famous New Jersey holiday resort, Atlantic City Blackjack has made its way to online casinos as well, and we are now presenting you the one running on Microgaming software. Said game is available in single hand and multi-hand variations, with the latter allowing gamers to play up to five hands per round.

Atlantic City Blackjack is an American hole card game played with eight decks of cards, where the Late Surrender rule is in place to lower the house edge. This particular title does have its differences to the standard Vegas Strip or American Blackjack, and it is these that add to the overall appeal.

Unfortunately, Microgaming games are not available in any US friendly online casino, but if you are from the states, you can enjoy WGS version of the game.

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Atlantic City Blackjack Microgaming Rules

Atlantic City Blackjack Strategy Chart

Strategy Chart

Unlike some other variants, Microgaming’s version follows basic Atlantic City blackjack rules and has a house edge of 0.35%, which is great. Not enough to enter the list of best blackjack games online by payout, but close enough.

As soon as the dealer receives his two cards, one of which is face up, he will check for Blackjack, with the player also offered an Insurance. If the dealer doesn’t have a natural, you will have an option to surrender your hand.

Dealer is required to stand on all 17’s, while all ties between dealer and player end in push.

Double down is allowed on any first two cards and you even have the option to double down after a split. Split Aces only receive one card each, whereas a Split Ace and ten-value card count as 21 and not blackjack.

The good news is that you get to split up to three times to make four hands, as opposed to Cryptologic Atlantic City Blackjack , where only one split is allowed. You cannot split unlike unlike ten-value cards, but you shouldn’t split 10s in blackjack anyway.

Limits & User Interface

Single-hand variant supports wagers between $2 and $200 per round, whereas the multi-hand game allows bets from $1 to $100 on each of the five hands. The user interface is quite simple, but there is an updated version of this game, Atlantic City Gold, which is very appealing.