Since the first Atlantic City casino opened its doors in 1978 and offered the favourable early surrender rule, Atlantic City Blackjack became one of the most popular blackjack games worldwide. Surprisingly, it was immediately exploited by professional players and card counters and few years later was replaced by late surrender, which is pretty much the only surrender option available today.

Due to its popularity, there are multiple software providers that offer this game online. Ironically, despite its origins, only few of them are available to US blackjack fans. WGS Atlantic City Blackjack, which we will review here, is one of them.

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Rules of WGS Atlantic City Blackjack

Unlike most Atlantic City Blackjack games online, this version is played with 6 decks of cards (instead of the common 8), which are shuffled after each game.

  1. The dealer peeks for blackjack on Aces and 10 value cards. If the up card is Ace, you will be offered insurance.
  2. The dealer stands on Soft 17.
  3. You can split to up to 4 hands. Blackjack after split counts as 21.
  4. No re-split Aces.
  5. You can double on any initial card.
  6. After double, you will receive only 1 more card.
  7. Double after Split is allowed, except on split Aces.


  • Winning hands pay 1 to 1
  • Insurance pays 2 to 1
  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2
  • Push Hands – original wager returned.

House Edge and Betting Limits

Thanks to its favorable rules, WGS Atlantic City Blackjack offers the lowest house edge than any other version of this game. Just 0.33% vs. 0.49% in Cryptologic and 0.36% in Mircogaming (which you can pay here for free).

The minimum bet is $2, which is a bit higher than in other WGS games, but still should be ok even for low stakes blackjack players. The maximum bet is $200 per hand and you can play 5 hands per round. You can play Atlantic City and 7 additional blackjack games in most WGS casinos, such as Miami Club and Lincoln casinos. It’s available through instant play, download casino software and on mobile.