Double Up Blackjack Review

We continue our series of new blackjack games articles with our review of the Double Up Blackjack. Now don’t confuse it with the common Double down term – this is unique game with different rules and options.

The game appeared in land based casinos somewhere in 2015. Unfortunately, it’s still not a available at online blackjack casinos, but we hope that it will follow the footsteps of other recent releases, such as Zappit and Double Attack.

How it works

Ever since its precursor Vingt-et-Un made its debut across European gaming clubs in the 18th century, traditional Blackjack, together with the game’s many variations, has been constantly growing in popularity without ever losing its original appeal. Even now, centuries later, Blackjack remains one of the most played card games, with quite a few variations to the primary structure.

Surprisingly, the game continues to evolve with new variations added every year. On of those recent additions is Double Up Blackjack. The main twist of the game is that you can choose to double your wager after seeing your initial cards, without getting any additional card. K-Q is a good example.

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Double Up Blackjack Rules

With the familiar set of rules that apply to classic Blackjack and regular pip value of the cards, the player is granted with the option of doubling up on their wager after seeing the first two cards.

To compensate for that, Double Up Blackjack also introduces the Push 16 rule, where both the hard and the soft 16 dealt to the dealer ends the game. In that case all 21s are paid 1 to 1 while other wagers push. Also, if the house has a blackjack, it will win only the double ups. Some of the other important rules are outlined below.

Standard Rules

  • 6 standard decks
  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2
  • Dealer hits on soft 17
  • Split up to 4 hands
  • Double down on any 2 card hand
  • Double down after splits
  • Cannot hit or double down after split aces
  • No resplitting aces

Unique Rules

  • After the cards are dealt, the player can act on one of the following options: Stand, Hit, Double Down, Split and Double Up.
  • Double UP Rules:
    • Double the original stake with a new, equal wager on any two card hand except for Blackjack and stand.
    • You can Double Up slit hands, including Split Aces.
    • A Double-Up pays 1:1. In case of a tie the house wins.
  • 16 Push Rule: dealer’s 16, hard or soft, ends the game. All 21 totals paid 1 to 1, all other wagers push.

Double Up Blackjack Tips and Strategies

Being that it shares the same basic structure as the regular Blackjack game, the players can use the same strategies that they acquired playing the original.

For double ups: 

  • Always double up 20.
  • Double up 19 vs dealer’s 2-8.
  • Double-up soft 18 vs 7
  • Double hard 18 vs 5 and 7.

Double Up Blackjack Odds:

Here comes the good part. Unlike most new blackjack games that feature relatively high house edge, Double Up blackjack odds are quite favorable. The house edge stands just on 0.31%, which is great. We really hope to see Double Up Blackjack online version soon at online casinos.

Statistical analysis of Double Up blackjack

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