Flat Bet vs. Blackjack Systems

Even though there are plenty of blackjack systems, that players like to implement, such as the popular Martingale and Paroli, most of them can be risky or require you to have a big bankroll. Alternatively, many people may just want to bet randomly with different stakes on whatever they feel like it at that point in time. However, whilst you may come away with decent profit on occasion, there are still times when you could lose and find your bankroll decrease massively in just a few hands.

One way that aims to minimize your chances of losing is the flat betting system (if we may call it a system). Even though it may not appeal to everyone due to wagering the same amount on every hand, there are actually a few benefits to that. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages which we will be looking at later on but, as with all systems, it still should be seen as fun and not a way of making long-term money.


The flat bet blackjack system involves defining a certain wager amount before you start playing and keeping with it all the way through. It is advisable that you set yourself a limit you will spend and then not bet more than 5% in a single game. Also, do not try and make a massive profit from this method, but perhaps set yourself a 10-20% margin and stop playing once you have hit this.


  • Using this method will prevent you from a sudden substantial loss of money. With other betting strategies you alter your bet based on the result of the previous hand and the system rules, which means that the risk of high loss is substantially higher. This is specifically true for negative progression systems, such as aforementioned Martingale or Labouchere, where you increase your bet after each loss.  You hit a long losing streak and you will see your bankroll vanish within minutes.
  • It’s simple to use – there are no rules you have to follow or any patterns.
  • Good for those lucking self disypline (most of us) and tend to increase the bets beyond their comfort zone.


  • All profits are minimized while using this method because you are always betting with one unit.
  • It’s possible that flat betting could take a lot of fun out of gambling because of the tedious betting pattern.
  • With progressive betting, you can loose more than 50% and even higher of the hands and yet come up as a winner. With Flat bets you must win more hands than you loose to make profit. And as you remember, the house always has and edge.

Overall, flat bet strategy is great for players who don’t fancy any complicated systems,  want to minimize their risk of losing big money and as a way to keep the stakes under control . However, it may seem a boring way of gambling for more experienced players and takes a lot of patience to win any kind of profit.